Monday, January 14, 2008

Google Users

A lot of you find me while searching for Yo Gabba Gabba clothes, dolls or merchandise. This is most likely the result of my love for DJ Lance & Crew and for the effed up people who develop and produce this show.

I figured since you're coming here for Yo Gabba Gabba anyway, I may as well help you out. Here is where you go to get all things Yo Gabba Gabba. You can also go there to get your Yo Gabba Gabba fix because there is video of some of their greatest hits, like everybody's favorite "There's a Party in My Tummy".

WARNING: This video comes on whether you want it to or not, so don't click that link with kids in the room unless you want them in your lap, breathing in your face and trying to commandeer your computer.

As far as the merchandise goes...well, whatever they drug those kids with must cost a lot of money. Because it ain't going to production.

(Do you even know how hard it is for me to use the word ain't? It's all I can do not to go back and erase that but it would be funnier said that way)

Big Kid wants the dolls in the worst way but I think they'll sell out and go mainstream any day now and then they won't cost so much. Either that or he'll grow out of it (but will I?)

Also, they don't sell those ugly ass sweaters the drugged kids wear. I know lots of you are looking for them.

I also seem to get a lot of google users who are googling poop-related terms and getting me. While I am honored to be ranked so highly amongst websites that discuss poop, most of the time I don't think I'm really what you're looking for. Sure you may stop here and enjoy yourself and the few poop related nuggets that I share now and again, but you'll never get the real information you're looking for and that makes me feel bad.

I don't know a whole lot about where to find poop data, because I've never had to search for any myself and if I did Google would be my first stop as well, but the Chaws did go through a fascination with colon cleansing and we spent some time HERE. There is a ton of information, stories and even photos there. I'd venture a guess that it would interest the type of person who is googling poop. I honestly can't say that I recommend it, but whatever floats your boat.

This seems to be the best place to purchase poop related merchandise. If that's your thing.

Okay, that's it. I just wanted to lend a helping hand. Some of the rest of you are really googling some weird shit, not that poop and Yo Gabba Gabba sweaters aren't weird, but I mean crazy, creepy, way too much time on your hands, weird shit. Get a hobby. I'll share some of that later. I've had some good ones lately.

Well not necessarily good when you consider that these whack jobs are ending up here, but you'll think they are funny.


Lynda Kay said...

I've got to check out that Yo Gabba Gabba site to see if they have "Don't bite your friends" as one of their hits...freaking hilarious-I want it so bad for a ringtone.

SWAW Samantha said...

Looks like you need a new blog friend!

I <3 DJ Lance!

Deb said...

Whenever you blog about the freakish Google searches that land people on your blog, you make me go and check mine. Disturbing. Every. Single. Time.

I'm not sure the internet is a good thing sometimes.

Judy said...

We love us some party in our tummy here - Tyler's got the motions and everything going. Too bad we haven't translated that song into sound eating practices yet...sigh.

Anonymous said...

Ashley - You posted the link to "Party in My Tummy" when I first stumbled upon your blog. I saved it in my favorites to show my 20 month old (at the time) but forgot to show it to her. One day DH was home with her for several hours. The next day I open my laptop and she starts yelling "Tummy...tummy...tummmy" HUH?? I had no clue. Turns out DH had been using my laptop, saw the link in favs and showed it to DD....about 10 times. He said she kept askng for more. We've never watched the show but even now some days she requests "Gabba Gabba" and is just glued to it and of course she has to watch it no less than 5 times!! An I admit it has a catchy beat, I find myself singing it some days!! LOL

I just wanted to thank you, but I doubt we'll be getting any Yo Gabba Gabba accessories!