Sunday, April 13, 2008

9-1-1...Get us a waaaahmbulance

Murphy is crying because Mr. Ashley left the house.

Big Kid is crying because Mr. Ashley left the house without kissing Murphy.

little kid is crying because Big Kid is locked in his room and crying.

I am crying because it's too early to drink.

Sucks to be us today, huh?

(Junkmail Greetings really DOES have a card for everything!)


Anonymous said...

Mimosa. Not too early.

Life, Love And Lola said...

It's noon now Ashley. I'm about to pop open a bottle of bubbly as I have just finished my taxes. Join me. I hate to drink alone. :)

Julie {Angry Julie Monday} said...

Oh ya, you need a drink!

Melodie said...

My mother is in the hospital having had a few heart attacks. I told her that I was going to get her the "Sucks to be you" card, but I think this one might be more appropriate.

Multislacking Mama said...

I thought about drinking at 9am this morning. Instead I went grocery shopping with 2 kids. WTF? Where was the logic with that?

I took a Xanex and a nap when I got home. Now, it is almost 4 and for SURE that isn't too early for beer.

Mitch said...

I started drinking at 11 this morning. But some say I have a problem. (OK, not really, it was noon, but it sounded better the other way). Its always noon somewhere, right?

Unknown said...

You are all a bunch of lushes.

Melodie, sorry about your mom! This card is definitely more sensitive although the sucks to be you one is still very appropriate I'm sure. I hope all is okay.

Melodie said...

Thanks for the kind words, Ashley. My mom is getting better, so hopefully she'll be coming home soon.

KatieGirlBlue said... husband gets upset if he forgets to smooch the dogs when leaving, too. I guess what I'm saying is: LK might not outgrow that.