Sunday, April 27, 2008


Today, being the Good Mother that I am, I took Big Kid to the local toy store for Webkinz Extravganza Day.

In the car on the way there, we had the following conversation:

Big Kid: Mia, in my cwass, her brudder Max is berry nasty to her.
Ashley: Why do you say that?
Big Kid: Because he won't let her in his room, and he's always cwosin' da door and stuff and sayin' she's a baby.
Ashley: That's exactly what you do to little kid.
Big Kid: No, no. I don't do dose fings to him.
Ashley: Yes you do, every single day. He is never allowed in your room.
Big Kid: Yeah, but he is a baby.
Ashley: He's your baby brother, you should take care of him.
Big Kid: I'm not his mudder.
Ashley: I didn't say you were his mother, I'm his mother, but you are his brother.
Big Kid: Brudders don't have to take care of da udder kids. Dat's what dere mudders are for.
Ashley: I mean just look out for him, be nice to him, play with him, you know what I mean.
Big Kid: Besides, I'm alweady takin' care of Murph all da time. I do everyfing for him, I take him out, I get him water, I pet him...
Ashley: Oh get out of town with that nonsense. No way do you take care of Murphy to the point that you have no time left in your day to keep an eye out for your baby brother.
Big Kid: Dat's what his mudder is for.


Several times today I have questioned this whole "sacrificing your own fun for theirs" bullshit. I might be wrong on this parenting philosophy. It very rarely happens, me being wrong, but I really think this whole parenting business should be more fun FOR ME. Heck, it's fun just being a kid. He'd probably be just as happy mixing mommy up a beverage as he would at the Webkinz party right?

Oh well, it wasn't too terrible. He had some allowance money and bought a pink poodle (I know, I know. The sales girl asked him if he was positive 3 different times, too) and he got a kitty cat for free. He has named them Poodle Noodle and Cat Matt. Can you tell that our new obsession is rhyming? Fun for the whole family right there, all day, every day, like it or not, headache or not.

So when we got home he hijacked my computer to play Webkinz and I took a bath and finished "World Without End". What a waste of life.

There is no way I'm paying the library $20 for that piece of crap, they can have it.

It was the exact same story as Pillars of Earth (more or less, same motivations, similar characters) but it sucked. It was too long, the characters didn't come together as seamlessly as they did in Pillars of Earth, and it was just lame.

I wanted to quit midway through and now I wish I had.

Anyway, it was a pretty eventful weekend for The Ashley Family, Big Kid being the recipient of most of that good cheer and still being a sassy little turd. Seriously, you just can't win with kids. It's never enough, so why bother?


Anonymous said...

Glad you guys had a busy weekend. If you stay busy enough, you don't have as much time to dwell on the sass and the headaches... (Drinking also helps with that. I'm lazy, so I usually just choose to drink so that I don't have to get anyone dressed or pack the car...)

Joy said...

We skipped the webkinz extravaganza but he is gonna make sure he is around for the big day on Tues. he will not let me forget.

BTW I gave in and let hubs get a Wii tell me I won't regret it please. Also share some good games.

and also shameless promotion-I finally started a blog not even close to funny as you but I thought my kids were pretty cute and I could share.

Anonymous said...

Webkinz Extravaganza?

That sounds important... but I missed it!

The Mrs. said...

Good lord I do not even know what webkinz are, but that conversation was hilarious!!!

Monogram Momma said...

We, of course, could NOT miss the Extravaganza. In fact, we bought the snake for the mini's cousin, the mini's each got their *free* Webkinz, and then we went BACK to another webkinz retailer yesterday to spin the "Wheel of Wow" get coloring apges, and mine for gems. I'm already anticipating not being able to connect to Webkinz World on the 29th!

Melodie said...

My older girls have several Webkins (that I did not purchase for them) and are getting a bit too old for them, and my youngest is lk's age, so she's not really into them yet (although she does really like the frogs!), so I was lucky enough to skip the whole Webkinz Extravaganza. I do have several friends with kids in between my girls' ages who were wrangled into going, though. I think the names these kids come up with for their Webkinz are so funny, though. Just like BK's.

Hair Girl said...

We ended up with the white cat also. Snowbell makes the 9th webkinz to join the family. I spent $20 and got a birthday present off the list and J received a free $15 webkinz. My kind of shopping!

hicktowndiva said...

We opted out of the stupid Webkinz fest but I know I'm going to pay for it when my son goes to school and finds out about the 20 bazillion new Webkinz his friends got this weekend. He is going to be pissed, but he has like, 8 freakin' Webkinz. How many lameass stuffed toys does a kid need?

Sasha said...

"Extravangaza" is my most favorite word ever. Well, it's right up there with "undersmile" and "pantenna".

Jen said...

How old is Big Kid? I'm dying to know because I have a 3 1/2 year old boy and I wonder when I'm going to be facing this. Our own little conversations can drive me nuts now, but I see there's lots more to come.
Agghhh! But so funny reading about it, since I'm not his mom. :-)

Mandy said...

I own a gift shop that sells webkinz and believe me I wish I could throw them all out! I did my own Webkinz Extravaganza last year and it was chaos(which is why I opted out of this one)! I know -probably a bad retail move but I couldn't deal with it again. These kids are crazy - I don't remember acting like that over Cabbage Patch dolls! Do you know one of my customers has over 48 webkinz- i think that means she has some duplicates. Glad I'm not her mother:)!!! And if I hear one more kid tell me they named the black lab "blackie" I am going to lose it. Surely we were more creative when we were 8 - right?

Anonymous said...

I have to check out this Webkinz stuff. Haven't heard of it. Now I have to go google it.

Sasha said...

So loved re-reading this post. But I am looking at the comment I left on here back in 2008, and although I remember what "undersmile" means, I have no clue about "panetnna". Wonder if it was a My Name is Earl? reference too?

Unknown said...

I also have no idea, Sash, so if it was an inside joke, it's one that I've forgotten. Funny to peek into the past like this, though!