Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Big Kid Does the Buzzard Lope

I've decided that the Buzzard Queen post and the Benefit post need to be separate, mostly because it is a lot of pictures (and you all know picture posts make me really tired.)

As children, Catfish and I spent many hot Sunday afternoons doing the Buzzard Lope on the small fishing island (aka where the poor, dirty kids lived) near the island we grew up on.

Looking back on it, we spent a lot of time doing fun shit while our parents drank, but this is the sort of bar you can pull up to on boat and we all know that drunken boating is a-ok, even with kids aboard. Or it was back then at least. So this particular hang out was always (and still is) a total hoot.

You'll see more of the "charm" (and I use the term in the loosest way possible) of this local hide out in the Benefit post.

So of course I was touched to introduce Big Kid to the time honored tradition of The Buzzard Lope.

This is the Buzzard Queen:

This is Big Kid and his horny ladies:








Klassy, huh? That's how we roll.


Misty said...

That's so funny!!!

I love that last pix of him.... so cute!!!

Rebecca said...


she really does look like a buzzard when she's laying down on her back. Look at that skin!

Anonymous said...


That is the funniest thing I have seen in forever.

Thank God there wasn't (Whoops!) a dick in the picture anywhere. It looks like the type of event that had that potential. ;-P


Melodie said...

That looks like a wild party!

BK looks so cute in that last pic. And the hat is PERFECT for him. The kid is truly a legend!

Cas said...

Lordy lordy that is funny!

KatBouska said...

I just want to squeeze those little cheeks. Seriously, he is a real cutie. And you know this.

Anonymous said...

You need a more thorough explanation !! Gotta know more !!

BEST PIC I've ever seen of BK. He is gorgeous.

Anonymous said...

The one where the lady has her hand over his mouth is hysterical. Gorgeous child you have there.

Anonymous said...

Holy.god. That's some funny shit. Yikes! BK is just too freaking adorable.

elaines630 said...

Wow! Hahaha! The last pic of BK is super adorable and I love the picture with the hand over his mouth while she is bending over. I can only imagine what could have been coming out of his mouth!!

Anonymous said...

OMG!! That last picture of little kid needs to be on the cover of a magazine. As for the picture of the Buzzard Queen upside down, I'm glad I hadn't eaten breakfast yet or I might have tossed my cookies. That's some good shi*. Looks like loads of fun...makes me want to have a beer for breakfast.

Slacker Mama said...

Simply awesome.

And how fitting that BK has his Legend hat on. He truly is legendary!

Joy said...

That seriously is some funny shit. I agree the one with the hand over his mouth is funny, makes you think they are keeping him from saying something about how yucky she is.

Looks like you guys had a huge time. Hope to hear more about the benefit for Catfish's dad. I hope it went well.

Oh and yea could he be any cuter? love it

Ashley said...

Looks like hella fun! I'd love to know where you grew up, could have only been in the South. And I agree, my fav pic is the one where LK is getting his mouth covered. Would have loved to have known what he was saying!

k e r r y said...

I love the picture of someone covering his mouth - wonder what he was saying?

and one last thing... eeww.

Anonymous said...

Are you sure you don't live in NC? B/c I think I've seen the "Queen" greeting at our local Wal-Mart.

And BK-what to say? The Chuck T's, the hat, the smile-total innocence. These pics will be priceless when he's 16.

Lurve you.

Nikki said...

HAHAHAAAA That is great fun!!! I love that you "exposed" BK to that entertainment :P

I would have been crackin up to much to take pics, but you did great!

Poor band, they had the horny ladies all up in their face when they were on their back :-X

Great times!

Cate said...

It was like a car crash...you don't want to look; but you just can't help yourself. BTW you have the second most adorable kids in the world. Love BK's smile!!

Katie Ryan said...

BK is adorable. That looks like so much fun.

Anonymous said...


bk is so friggin adorable though

Snooty Primadona said...

I can't believe your kids weren't scared to death of the Buzzard Queen. She scared the hell out of me. Well, only because I never want to look like that.

Your kids are adorable and the adults all look relatively sane. Well, when pictured without the hats or helmets or whatever they are. Looked like fun anyway.

Anonymous said...


BK is adorable, his eyes are gorgeous!!!

Melissa said...

Your kid is adorable.

The Buzzard Queen is frightening!

Anonymous said...

Is that you in the pictures with BK?? If so your so pretty! ;)

Unknown said...

I love how at home BK looks on stage! Great shots of all and the Buzzard Queen does have a Buzzard Neck.

Cinnamon said...

I love that last picture of BK, adorable!!