Friday, April 18, 2008

It Has Finally Sunk In and...

what the hell DO they think I'm going to feed him during Passover week??

I can think of maybe 2 options and I'm not positive he'd eat either one.

Might I suggest that in the future they just use Passover week as their Spring Break instead of taking two weeks off in March for no reason if they don't celebrate Easter?

Because it would be much easier not to send him at all, but damn do I pay them a lot. And he loves it.

I'm all about the cultural diversity stuff, but it has to be at least halfway doable.

Also, this morning there was some big Shabbat breakfast. That all the parents came to. Except for us because we didn't know. How was I supposed to know it was a special Shabbat? They really do think those mountains of paper serve as official notification for events?

Big Kid didn't realize what deadbeats we are, but an associate of Mr. Ashley's did and called him to let him know that he had missed a lot of fun and that he still doesn't know what any of it was about.

Oh well. I just hope the teacher thinks we missed it knowingly. Like maybe I was sick, or little kid was sick, and Mr. Ashley had an appointment. I don't know, don't some parents have to work?? We could have been working.

Anyway...what AM I going to feed him? I can only think of turkey and cheese roll ups or room temperature chicken nuggets. Personally, I wouldn't eat either.

Edited to add: He doesn't eat yogurt, mac and cheese, anything white or creamy in texture.


Judy said...

Can you send a thermos of wine?

What about a bagel? Not even a bagel?

And just what are Matzah balls?

angie and the boys said...

OK....during Passover the Jews eat Matzo instead of bread. Its called unleavened bread, and its really just a big cracker. Go to Publix and pick up a box in the Passover section...right by the Gefilte fish! Make BK's sandwich the same way with turkey, P&J, whatever. It makes a big mess, but you won't have to clean it up:)

Anonymous said...

I'm a little worried about a kid that doesn't like mac and cheese but if it's room temp that's pretty gross so I'd be with him there.

BK's lunch isn't looking up. Those matzo really aren't too bad and would qualify as crackers for kids. Turkey roll-ups would be good but I don't know if I could make/eat them for an entire week. I make my husband a lunch once a week, the exact same thing each time, and it kinda gags me now and I'm not even eating it.

Judy said...

What about fruit? Banana, apples with caramel dip, segmented oranges, grapes. Ants on a log? If he won't eat celery try using apple slices for the logs. Granola bars? Simple Harvest by Quaker oats make a fab chocolate chunk one! Cheddar cheese cubes? String cheese?

so tired said...

Cheese and fruit??? And some red wine?

Life, Love And Lola said...

Just pick him up for lunch. You eat out during Passover..right?

Deb said...

Passover sounds a lot like Phase 1 of the South Beach Diet. Very unpleasant.

Rachel said...

You could buy some's not great but it's like a cracker. You can make sandwiches out of it or it can be eaten like cheese and crackers. Fruits and vegetables with dips, as some suggested, also seem like a good idea. You can buy cookies (macaroons) that are kosher for Pessach if he likes coconut. You could talk to his teacher or some of the other moms; I'm sure you wouldn't be the first person to ask this question considering this is a major Jewish holidays and it has been observed for thousands of years.

[By the way, turkey and cheese wraps are technically kosher for Pessach because they don't contain leaven but they're not kosher because of the meat and milk thing.]

Anonymous said...

Chocolate and coca cola. That would learn them a lesson about being bossy about lunches!

Katie Ryan said...

I am so confused. What are we talking about here?

Katie Ryan said...

never mind. I read "angie and the boys" comment and she explained. Thank you angie.

Anonymous said...

Do pretzels (as in a soft pretzel sandwich) count as bread or crackers (the regular snack kind)?

Can you talk him into a cupcake or muffin instead of cookies?

Will he eat a mini pizza at room temp?

That's all I've got, good luck with that. Couldn't they at least provide a list of suggestions?

P.S. I also hated mac and cheese as a kid and looked how I turned out. ;)

the rural rube said...

So, you introduced me to making bento snacks/lunches for my kids last summer, and I've been successfully implementing them since then.... (thanks!)
I suggest you 'bento' him a cute little snack pack with rolled up deli meat, little chunks of cheese, a matzah cracker or two, and a couple little sections of grapes and apple slices (or whatever fruit he eats.)
The bento experience has been INCREDIBLE for my kids, one of which is a crazy picky eater like BK.
Good luck with it!

Anonymous said...

Wow. Sucks for you. I have a kid that can't have peanut butter in my sons class. I know it's a widespread thing. I have no problem obliging, but trying to come up with something that doesn't have to be heated, and contain no peanut butter, and I'm dumbfounded.
It's the little alien inside me sucking the life and I.Q. out.
God I wish I could have a drink.
I say Google it.

Anonymous said...

***[By the way, turkey and cheese wraps are technically kosher for Pessach because they don't contain leaven but they're not kosher because of the meat and milk thing.]***

Is this true? I could have sworn, and I could be wrong, but I could have sworn that it only applied to beef meats??? I will double check on that and get back to you! ;-)

Kally said...

I found your blog and thought I might be able to help out on this one.

Passover -the holiday relates to the Jews Exodus from Egypt after generations of slavery. Pesach/Passover refers to the fact that God "passed over" the houses of the Jews when he was slaying the firstborn of Egypt (the 10th plague). Jews give up chametz (anything containing the 5 grains: wheat, oat, barley, rye & spelt) during passover. This is because when leaving Egypt the Jews did not have time to let their breads rise.

The hardest part is that almost EVERYTHING contains wheat.

My daughter attends a Jewish Day School and fortunately her school takes care of all lunches and snacks for the week to keep the school kosher. You might ask the school if they do this.

If not, then fruits, veggies, dairy are all okay to pack. My little girl loves to do tuna & matzah sandwhiches or matzah pizzas. (I think she likes these things more because she gets to assemble them.)

Hope this helps you.