Wednesday, April 30, 2008

More Random Links

Apparently, the parents of several local seniors were not aware that graduation was coming up at the end of May.

Although this is NOT my emergency, it has sort of become that.

So I'm busy editing photos instead of talking to you.

I know, I know, but it pays the bills and you all don't. We've got to find a way to remedy that.

So here are some links:

I LOVE this graffiti. Personally, I would've also added "only go down the slide" because that's a hot topic amongst the parenting sect, but I thought this was an interesting message.

Speaking of graffiti, I love this Banksy guy and this stunt cracked me up.

I also thought these pavement drawings were really neat.

Morphine for babies? I think I just solved the infant mortality rate of the olden days. I'd like to find a case of most of these products though.

College degrees: Overpriced or Overrated?


I WILL stay here. Not I might stay here. I WILL stay here one day. Seriously, I WILL.

That's all for now.


Anonymous said...

i love the "only go down the slide" - it is so true...i have had many a glare-off when my 3 year old insists on being kicked in the head or knocked on his butt going up the slides...

Anonymous said...

I went through and read some of your old stuff last night :) Made me love you even more :) I don't get to comment a lot as I check this mostly from work (don't tell the boss man) but I just love so many posts. I think my new favorite is your Christmas post from last year. So great!!

Lacy Rose said...

I love when you post random links. There is so much out there on the "internetz" to be discovered. Thanks Ashley!

Anonymous said...

How do you find these sites?

Mitch said...

Re: your Wowzers link -- Oh hellz no. I got vertigo just looking at those pics!

Anonymous said...

We miss you too!

I am SO in need of an 8-Post-Ashley kind of a day.

Mandy said...

Ashley - I love your blog - hilarious! I love the big kid's dialogue with you - he sounds like he would sound like my nephew!:) Anyway, I am a new reader and blogger and went back as far as I could reading all your posts -again love it! So would it be okay for me to link to you from my blog -i want all my friends to read about you!

Anonymous said...

That article on college degrees is interesting - I've never looked at it from that perspective. Around here, they just keep raising the admission requirements to keep people out, but apparently aren't taking any ownership in the drop-out rate. You now have to have a 3.0 to get into LSU, can't remember the ACT minimum, maybe 25 or 26. (or of course be a star football player, that will work too).

My husband and I both have degrees and they haven't gotten us anywhere (not that I'm trying). It seems a BS is just that these days.

Anonymous said...

OK cool, but there aren't any games...I want games, I'm totally addicted to electro city and I need more choices. k?thxbai (hee hee I did it)

Shannon said...

Cruise Password...Got it!
I checked out the morphine/old timey cures link. That is crazy! Drugs for babies. I knew about Coca-Cola. Think they'll say the same thing one day about "Splenda" and preservatives? Oh who's good.