Friday, April 11, 2008

Teacher's Pet

Big Kid's teacher is hounding us about getting him into modeling.

She sent a note home the other day, cornered Mr. Ashley about it, called us to get our email, and emailed us the link to some talent agency that her neighbor owns.

She thinks his hat obsession is so cute that she bends school rules to allow him to wear it in the hallways and at recess (I don't totally approve of this. Life is a bitch and your kindergarten teacher next year may be too.)

Of course I love that he's clearly her favorite and this is PROOF that my kid is the cutest in the class.

Also, it is a fun idea.

HOWEVER, I have some concerns about this plan:

The cheese face--I just don't know that he's model material. The kid cannot smile normally on command. He suddenly looks like he's having an epileptic seizure or something. It's not cute. It's kind of funny, but not if you're really trying to accomplish anything attractive.

The time & effort--I'm really lazy. I'm also very mellow (to the point that it could be called apathy). I just don't know if I'm Stage Mom material.

Have you seen those bitches on "I know my kid's a star" on VH-1?

(one quick sec here...who decided Danny Bonaduce, infamous for being a violent hot head, should host a show with kids involved??)

I can't compete with that kind of ambition (read: desperation and psychosis).

Besides, I know he's a star without getting Danny Bonaduce involved...I don't know if I need to be getting dressed and driving around all kinds of places, begging him to behave, and waiting around and stuff.

It sounds like a lot of work. For me.

I am slightly interested because I could probably make some great photography contacts this way. But it may be another one of those marketing plans that never makes it off of the couch.


Anonymous said...

When I was younger (a little older than BK) my parents put me in commercials. It wasn't much fun. I mean, if you got a "gig" sure, but there were a lot of let downs in the meantime, waiting times SUCKED, some of those "stage kids" were annoying with their know it all selves, and well - we drove into Los Angeles and Hollywood, so I vividly remember traffic.

I've debated getting my kids into it, but then I remember my experience and figure if they really want to do it, they can wait until they're older. :)

Lazy Housewife said...

I think that Danny Bonaduce show was canceled after its first episode.

Big kid is cute though, but I know what you mean about the "trying" smile. My niece (who is gorgeous) did the same thing until she was 5.

the mom said...

Totally random..and don't kick me for asking this because I'm new in the closet.

Does The Renee blog? Can I get a map to her blog please?


FunnyGal KAT said...

Ooh, ooh, can you ask Big Kid if he wants to be a model? I'm jonesing for a BK conversation!

Maddness of Me said...

I don't get who these things are for, the child... or the parent?

My guess is they are really for the parent more than anyone because I don't see what fun kids (especially boys) get out of it?

Girls sometimes have fun dressing up and doing these things. Most boys (I suspect BK) would see it as a job and just time away from playing.

Does that help?

ro said...

Since I know you've been following I Know My Kid's a Star, I know you are aware of the fact that it's not about the's all about the moms.

You said it would totally get a lot of business out of this. Who cares if big kid ends up robbing hatteries to support his habit once the dough runs out?

k e r r y said...

Is it weird to you that his teacher is urging you to get him into the business? Who knows maybe she has ESP and can tell he is going be a big big star?! In that case - go for it... he can support you in your old age. Not that you are old or anything!

Anonymous said...

I know someone whose daughter modeled. They made good $$ that she was able to set aside for college. BK is absolutely adorable!!! It never hurts to try and then you'll know if it's for you or not. You're not entering him into a beauty contest or acting--where I think more of the competitive moms are, but just plain modeling. We can't wait to see.... I told you his face belongs on the front of magazines! He's exquisite.

Melodie said...

You could always get him an agent who would get him more television type gigs than print ads. Then you wouldn't have to worry so much about his cheese-face. Plus, his personality really contributes a LOT to his cute factor!

Lynda Kay said...


so tired said...

People tell me that about my daughter too. But she has the same problem with smiling on demand.

She does this weird under bite smile that my husband calls her Frankenstein smile. If we're taking a picture and she does it my husband does this low guttural moan like Frankenstein to tease her or make me laugh.