Monday, April 28, 2008

Dear Miley Cyrus,

Do NOT apologize about these Annie Leibowitz photos.

Are you freaking kidding me??

You are a teenage pop star on the cusp of washed up child star has been ...if Annie Leibovitz, who has photographed the freaking QUEEN OF ENGLAND, tells you to take your top off and wrap a blanket around do it. Right then and there. No questions asked.

The media is bored and you have been a target ever since they caught you acting your age on Myspace. Big whoop. I'm sure Billy Ray and your mother can handle this and that child pornographer Annie Leibowitz.

For heaven's sake.

Also, media...she was not "topless". These "Topless Miley Cyrus Pics" in the headlines insinuates that Vanity Fair has got a 15 year old's boobies on display. Shame on all of you.

Annie Leibowitz wasn't photographing Hannah freaking Montana. She's the artist, Miley was the subject, she wants to see bare back, parents are present...this is a NON-ISSUE.

The pics with your dad? Only "provocative" out of context. Oh, a 15 year old snuggled up with her dad, the horror.

I'm offended on behalf of Annie, yourself and your parents and wish you hadn't apologized.

Don't forget, Brooke Shield's was getting naked on film as early as 10 years old. By your age she was the "Nothing gets between me and my Calvins" Calvin Klein spokesgirl.

Now she's more or less fine, and has had a long and healthy career, and the crap her mom had her doing wasn't nearly as tasteful as a bare back with Annie Leibovitz.

Just don't get out of control like Lindsay and Brit Brit, and undo the black hair thing, I hate it. Otherwise, whatever. You're fine. Don't apologize.

Quite Frankly,


Anonymous said...

I agree about the black hair thing... not very cute! As fas as Miley is concerned, I think she is a wholesome girl, and nothing like the young "bad girls" of Hollywood. Screw all the people that have a problem with her photos.

dannibanani said...

It could be worse. It could be Marilyn Monroe repros. LOL

I think they are tasteful, and she enjoyed doing them. She felt "artsy" not "slutty". Kudos that she appreciates that at 15.

Denise said...

My friend Joy recommended your blog to me and OMG! I freaking love it. You are soooooo hilarious and witty. Over the past few days I've went thru the whole blog. Mind you I haven't read every single post or anything (I have a 20 month old kid I'm suppposed to be watching) but I just LOVE LOVE LOVE IT!!!

Melissa said...

Well said! I don't think she did anything wrong. Other teenage stars have done much worse!

Life, Love And Lola said...

Sweet Miley....Be proud of the pictures and the young lady that you are. Just don't shave your head and keep your panties on and you'll be just fine.

Anonymous said...

Seriously. Would I be wrong in saying that the media put the perversion in this one? She is fifteen! Her fans are even younger. They do not read anything like that into a simple photo. It's the adults who bastardize it and put those "views" into a child's head. So, adults, get a F**king life. KThxbai.

Anonymous said...

This is what all the hoopla is about? Really? Wow, just wow...

Anonymous said...

THANK YOU. I had a conversation with one of my friends here at work about this. The fact that they said "provocative" and "topless"....he said, "it's like they (the media)WANT her to stumble, to fail, to be gross." I wholehearted agree. I get the sense that she has a good head on her shoulders and has parents that are around and involved.

Totally irritating.

P in VT said...

You are SO right. Thanks for saying this!

the mom said...

I would not allow my 15 year old daughter to be photographed wearing a sheet for a shirt. Annie L or no Annie L. I know that Miley's fans aren't thinking anything of this...but i shudder to think about all the pedophiles out there.

Ash - usually I think you are right on. This is one were hopefully we can agree to disagree because I still love ya.


Anonymous said...

Well said. Wow-I hadn't seen the photos until now.

AFRo said...

Good job as usual Mrs. Ashley! You said exactly what I was thinking... all the way down to the black hair.

Unknown said...

Right on Ashley! Thank you. Done.

Sarahviz said...

This was ALL OVER the news. *yawn* I'm bored of her.
She'll be another washed up (probably pregnant) wannabe in 3 years.
Her father is still creepy, even without the mullett.

Elizabeth said...

I could not agree more that saying she was "topless" does give the wrong impression. All her bits were covered.

However, I gotta disagree. I know Annie howeveryouspellhername is a legend. Of course she is. Brilliant. But frankly I do think that the pictures were a little much for a 15yo. What I MOST took issue with was her and then Disney coming out later and seeming kinda shocked by them.

Um, what am I missing? Did Miley and her family not SEE the pictures before they came out? I'd think Annie would be a professional enough to of course show them to her. And Disney? Seriously. Shut it. You want to exploit this kid as much as you can because she brings you money money money money. I am about 150% certain you had a rep on that set who again, saw the pictures. Don't act all OFFENDED now. Sorry, does not wash, Disney.

And as for Bill O-whatever and the Christian Coalition weighing in? Please people - get jobs. For real. Again, I don't think they were necessary the BEST image to portray of a 15yo but she was hardly spread eagle on a bear skin rug showing the world if the carpet matched the drapes.

Did any of that make sense?

Anonymous said...

I agree...with you about these photos. I don't see anything wrong with it either, and think she is being forced to apologize. However the self portraits she been taking that have been leaked onto the internet...not so great. So Miley stop it!

Anonymous said...

This is not news so I completely agree that the media needs to chill out. I do totally agree with Southern Fried Girl.

Maddness of Me said...

This is ALL about the media once again. Hopefully there aren't alot of "people" who will jump on this band wagon. The kid doesn't deserve it.

The media makes me ILL. I totally blame the media for 8 years of George Bush.

Things I May Regret Writing said...

I've been seeing this in the headlines but hadn't seen the actual photo. Thanks for sharing.

London said...

Well said, I totally agree with you. I also thought the photo of her and her dad was really sweet.

Unknown said...

I think the pictures are beautiful, to say the least.
however, they are a bit *much* for a 15 year-old Disney pop princess, kwim?
That said- the media is making a big deal out of nothing.. and the My Space pics? You said it well- she was acting her age- oh the horror.

Maddness of Me said...

I think the picture is kindof funny. Looks like a little girl trying to be a tad sexy, but instead has a red Kool-Aid stain all around her mouth :)

It's her damn shoulder. Big deal.

I actually heard a tag line on TV "what will happen to Mylie's fortune" pu leeze.

I lived through the Brooke Shields Calvin Klein days and the Brooke photo you put up is TAME compared to the commercial shot of her crotch (legs open with jeans on, pushes crotch out there) while she says "nothing comes between me and my Calvins". That was the 70's and the reaction wasn't nearly as negative. And that *was* gross.

The media is OUT OF CONTROL!

Anonymous said...


Good grief, her daddy became an overnight sensation sporting a mullet yet an Annie Leibovitz shoot is what people question? Yikes.