Wednesday, April 23, 2008

You'll All Be Glad

to hear that we got Big Kid ready, with an acceptable Passover lunch (actually, now that I think about it, we mixed meat and cheese, DOH!), rushed him off to school at the appointed find out that today is parent/teacher conference day and there is no school.


Now the teacher HAS to know that we're deadbeats, regardless of my playdates and cupcakes and other charades to the contrary.

Thank God Mr. Ashley drops him off and picks him up. It really makes him look bad.

We even KNEW about parent/teacher conferences, we just didn't know they took the day off for that.

Thank God our kid is Exceptional. I guess his teacher said the following:

Teacher: You know, every year you have your "one" in the class and he is mine. I just love him. Oh, how I love him. I honestly look forward to seeing him each school day. He is just so special, so cute, so smart...oh he is my heart. My love. (hand to her heart, big sigh). I don't know how I'll go all summer without him.

I know it seems weird but if you all ever want to go out, or need a break, or just need a sitter...please call me. I would love to watch him. I would take him to my house and just keep him if I could.

If I were Mr. Ashley, I would have shoved him at her and told her I'm just going to run home and grab his stuff but I guess he just thanked her politely and apologized for our dead-beatedness.

So no school = no quiet time for Ashley. I am not exaggerating when I say he has been making noise for 4 days straight. No break. He even talks in his sleep.



Hair Girl said...

I hate that! You even have to pay the same tuition payment even when they take 12 days off that month. AAARRRGGHH!

Unknown said...

When it got to be too bad (three boys = bad once in a while) I used to tell her to "Just wrap them up in a rug." She never did, but I STILL think it would work. Little buggers would just never be able to get out until you unrolled them. And if they get to be too loud, you just stand the rolled-up rug in the closet. Ashley's Closet. Cool, huh?

Joy said...

Yea we've got those Friday-Damn them don't they know I really don't need three straight days without a break!

~Gretchen~ said...

I fear this summer. I cannot fathom living through 2.5 months with no school.

Anonymous said...

Big Kid sounds like my 4 year old. Man that kid never shuts up, and yep he even talks in his sleep.

Renee said...

I totally did the D'OH Homer Simpson thing when I read that you showed up with BK for school on a parent/teacher conference day. You know what I'm doing this year for like the first time EVER in my life? Religiously using a calendar. I bought a small planner that shows one week at a time (on 2 pages), and I am totally anal about updating my calendar with everything as soon as I get calendars from school, church, activities, etc. I write every little thing on there, and then I actually CHECK my calendar several times a day to see what I need to remember and what's on tap for tomorrow. Yes, I know it's a little lame of me to be telling you that you might want to consider using a calendar. LOL. But as a non-calendar-user-who-often-forgot-things-like-parent-teacher-conferences-and-when-it-was-my-turn-to-bring-snack-to-the-soccer-game, I feel like I must share with you that this very simple thing has made a world of difference in our lives this year. I don't have to worry about remembering anything and I never have that funny "am I forgetting something?" feeling that I used to have. If I look at my calendar and it's blank, I know I can relax.

This Saturday is actually my day to bring snacks for the soccer team, so I'm putting that on my grocery list for tomorrow and I won't have to try to run into the grocery store on my way to the game like the Old Renee (from a few months ago, lol) would do. This has been life-changing.

-The Renee

Ab said...

Okay so I just started reading your blog tonight...and all I have to say is that it is a little DDP (Diet Dr. Pepper) just came out of my nose. Makes me proud to be a mom!