Friday, April 4, 2008

little kid

So little kid is like 18 or 19 months, I'd need to check the babycenter timeline to be sure, but he doesn't do a whole lot of talking. Mostly screaming, shrieking and yelling "MUM", "EAT", or "NO".

The Renee's littlest kid is practically reciting Shakespeare, which is pretty typical of The Renee's kids (except one...he'll catch up, I swear he will) but since he is the exact same age as little kid, this causes me some concern.

I just attempted to have a conversation with little kid that went something like this:

Ashley: Do you like the horsey?
little kid: eeekgiglok geegle mannahanna geen blocka glub glub hiiiiggy hoohoobigglebot. MUUUMMM.

So I was sitting here wondering if maybe he's a little slow or something when it occurred to me that he's probably speaking in tongues.

Being the son of Satan and all, this makes perfect sense.


Anonymous said...

I know everyone is going to tell you not to worry but he's still pretty young. I have a nephew that is going to be 3 in August and he literally doesn't say one word - not momma, dada, NOTHING! And he's been working with a speech therapist for months! One of these days, the words will come spilling out of little kid and you'll regret not taking advantage of these "quiet" times!


dannibanani said...

My DD is 19 months and no talking either. She may tell a story, but it's not in english that's for sure.

The only word she can say clearly is stupid (oops). When she plays with her toys she repeats too-pid too-pid too-pid. I guess it's fun to say.

Well, she says Mama and please (peeeez). I keep thinking she's going to talk very soon (she understands a lot of what we say, follows directions, etc) - but nothing.

Don't feel bad... LK's not the only one.

Heather said...

Both of my boys were late talkers. I am just now begining to understand our 2 year old. He will still let an amazing amount of jibber come out of his mouth when he is mad. You would never know our 4 year old was a late talker. If only I could get him to shut up now!

Heather said...

Don't worry Ashley - we both have August babies - and mine doesn't talk much either. Only mine says "giggity giggity goo" a lot. I'm not kidding. Maybe we should turn off 'Family Guy'....

Mitch said...

Chay is 19 mths. He talks a lot, but we have no idea what he says most of the time. He says a lot of "mine", "out" and nods his yes to everything. Even silly questions like "Can you fly?" or "Are you a monkey."

lk sounds like he's just fine.

Anonymous said...

Another August baby here and no talking either. At least nothing we understand. Hey if you really want to feel bad go to the August board and you can read about babies who are potty trained...craziness!

Just wanted to let you know you are not alone.

Anonymous said...

Well I will tell you that I'm sure everything will be fine. My daughter will be 3 in July, and I kid you not, about 4 months ago just started talking. We're talking about sprouting off at the mouth. My god, I wish she was a screaming little shit again! You'll get lucky soon enough. For now, enjoy the no talking back. They all don't say as cute of things as the older one. (Too bad she didn't listen during that mute time to her sister - hell anyone for that matter!)

It's so good to have you back. You seem to be doing much better, at least thats how its showing in your post. Hope Murphy is well. :)

Red and White Preppy said...

You are always a great laugh :) He'll catch up just fine!

Anonymous said...

My brother didn't talk until he was three and then his first words were, band-aid, light bulb and butterfly. I was talking at the same time which would have made me 18 months old but I'm a genius so I don't think it would be fare to compare LK to me.

Maddness of Me said...

I do know that boys develop WAY slower than girls in the speech department. My little friend Seamus is 5 and I can only understand every 4th word he says.

The 5 yo girls on the other hand, speech is clear as can be.

For physical dexterity though, boys got the girls on that one. Except for potty training, boys come along much later.

I will take a little boy over a little girl any day though, much less drama. IMO.

Harmony said... kill me!! Before you know it all of his babble will start to sound like words. Thanks for the laugh!

Joy said...

Well mine turned 2 in Jan. and she in the last month or so has finally had a speech explosion it seems with her it has come all at once. We swore she was speaking chinese or some language that had yet to be discovered.

I have a hard time comparing her to my son, as in I can't remember when he did things so not sure if she is behind his development! I know he walked before her only because I wrote it down. They started potty training around the same age, but she was out of a diaper and in panties earlier than he was and that is mainly because with her being my 2nd I was braver, but both were completly trained by the age of 2.

But who knows what he may say though when he does start talking english so it may be a good thing

Anonymous said...

He's autistic.

Anonymous said...

Here's my story (because I know you've been hitting refresh hoping I would comment and tell you MY story because it's so freakin' awesome).

My oldest didn't talk OR walk until he was well into his 17th month...then explosion of skills. I think the little shit wanted us to do everything for him and enjoyed the circus of "You want this? Or this? Or this? or this or this or this or this or this.." He's fine now. And won't ever shut up.

LK's probably a genius. Why speak your native tongue when you can make up your own language? See? Genius.

PS - My husband and I think about LK every time we're on the laptop. We are simply amazed at the skill and dexterity it took to rip those keys out. Seriously, kids got mad skillz.

Deb said...

Why do I have the uncontrollable urge to sing INXS's "Devil Inside"?

I'm glad you've hit upon the reason. I know everyone else is going to console you with suggestions that boys are less verbal and whatnot. I think you're far more astute than that and, as usual, know what you're talking about.

Why does it not surprise me that The Renee's kids are geniuses?

Multislacking Mama said...

Ashley, I have a July Baby Doll. She does have some words, but she can sign some words. (hey, I didn't teach her but it is cool that daycare did!)

I just want you to know that there will be a day (and I know you know this is true), where you will wish LK would STOP TALKING.

My BLM talks SO MUCH and ALL OF THE TIME. It isn't just running commentary, either. It has to be mutual conversation. Please see my blog about the New Face of Terrorism if you have not already done so.

Please excuse any spelling errors. Thank you.


Melodie said...

I think my Katie is just a bit older than lk. She's an August 06 baby, too, but will be 20 months on Tuesday. She runs her mouth constantly and knows tons of words. Lately, she's become a little parrot and repeats almost everything she hears. (Except for curse words - amazingly SHE has a censor for that stuff!)
Anyhow, don't worry about lk too much. The constant talking can be really annoying sometimes (well, most times), and I've also been told by several pediatricians that sometimes kids who speak earlier can have trouble with stuttering because their mouths just can't go as fast as their brains and they trip over their words (not that that happened to any of my early talkers).
Also, you should consider whether or not BK "translates" for lk. I did this with my younger brother, and I think it was a factor in why he didn't speak as early as he could have.
Then again, you really could be onto something with that whole "speaking in tongues" because he's "Satan's spawn" thing.

Kate said...

Well since Abby is Satan Spawn as well, it sure helps me understand what all the gibberish is she says but she also says a lot of words....No being a particular favorite. Where's Kelly is another phrase I hear all the time (Kelly being my older daughter) What I'm waiting to hear is, Mommy stop bitching at me. Yeah, I'm pretty sure its coming soon.....

Unknown said...

My August 06 baby is not a huge talker either. For a long time the only word we could make out sounded a lot like "shit." Ooops. He's just now starting to say stuff that we can actually figure out.

Anonymous said...

I Heart you Ashley! Reading your blog is the best part of my day!

(i have an august boy as well but he is 4 and trust me he did not talk well until he was 3 and some days i still cant understand him!)

Mel said...

OK, ANONYMOUS. As soon as I read this post, I immediately went to the comments because I KNEW someone would say it. I just didn't realize it was going to be a two word declaration, and left anonymously. Rude, but hey, that is my opinion.

Before you say something like that, you need to consider the parent's feelings, because having your child diagnosed with Autism can be a very life changing thing. I know, it happened to our family. Someone told me my daughter has Autism. Of course, the big difference is that the person who told me is a Developmental Pediatrician and happens to be a well known PH.D. who has specialized in the study of Autism for over 20 years. And it took extensive testing, interviews and hours of observation before my husband and I were told by THREE doctors that they concurred on the diagnosis. Not some smart ass who left a comment without identifying themselves, or even kindly suggesting that maybe a question to LK's pediatrician about a potential Speech consult might go a long way to decide whether or not there is anything to be concerned about.

Besides, at that age, my daughter knew hundreds of words, knew all the words to tons of songs, and recited the Lord's Prayer in a voice so clear, you'd swear she was five years old. Way more than my stepson could do at that age, and he is completely neuro-typical. (That means "normal" in case you were wondering.)So, there you have it, speaking gobbledy-gook till you're three might mean that you end up decidedly NOT Autistic after all.

Ashley, sorry I went off on a rant, but callous people simply throwing out the word Autism just because it is on the news all the time bothers me. Anyone who watches a little too much Larry King or their local news all of a sudden becomes an expert, and goes about diagnosing everyone else's kids. Without ever meeting them.

Renee said...

Lol - we haven't moved into Shakespeare just yet! We're just finishing up the MLK "I have a dream" speech so we can impress my MIL in DC this summer. Seriously though, he is quite the chatterbox. He has almost surpassed his big brother who just turned 3. But that's not saying you said, Wee-yum (as D calls him) is a man of few words. :)

-The Renee

PS lk is going to start talking your ear off one of these days very soon and then you will have 2 kids asking you questions all day long :) Something to look forward to.....

AFRo said...

Anonymous Hater with the autistic comment... you better run! Fast! And hide your ass. You obviously have no idea WTF you were stepping into here, but this girl will hunt you down. LITERALLY.

You've been advised since you obviously missed the first PSA.

Anonymous said...

Uh, yeah, very rude Anonymous!

Ashley, my August girl is amoung the non-talking club. She did say "Ass" and "winnie the pooh" the other day, but besides Mum and DeeDee (Daddy), nothing is consistent.

*Not to mention that I am not rushing this talking thing at all! My 10 y/o has not shut up since he started and he is very detail oriented. *sigh*

Christine said...

I am just absolutely cracking up at the comments, I need to come and read your blog more than once a week Ashley!

I'm a pediatrician. Some kids are on the slower end of the spectrum. Period. End of story.

Autism is all about how you interact with your environment. If LK makes eye contact, communicates his needs and comes to you for contact (hugs and such, or even just to get something he wants), he is not autistic. Same goes for BK, he might just be a bit OCD. And that's ok, he'll just be very clean for the rest of his life.

I agree with you and Mel, Anon is a turd.

Anonymous said...

You need to come to TX again to visit and we can get our chawlings together again and they can speak in tongue to each other! E.t.does not talk at all but he sure as hell thinks he can. He will look right at us like we know what in the word he is saying and just speak in gibberish. His dad is very proud of his ability to speak in tongues.

Anonymous said...

My neice was a late talker too. But when she started talking, it wasn't little words like "Mama" or "Daddy", it was full blown complete sentences. Complex thoughts and everything.

My son started talking at around 25 months with a suddne explosion of new words and hasn't stopped since.

Make sure you write down all his cute mis-pronunciations. My son's first few months of "blanket" came out sounding like "fucking". That went over VERY WELL at the Baptist daycare he was going to.

~Gretchen~ said...

charlie says ten words, if you count boof as a word. and only NO and BALL are recognizable outside of the smith household