Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Overnight Update

After deciding that things just HAD to begin settling down for the evening, I proposed Alvin and the Chipmunks.

It was met with a "meh" sort of reaction, until Mr. Ashley just insisted on it.

So I set up the air mattress on the family room floor and made a big deal out of putting on pajamas.

Both kids: We're not going to bed right?
Ashley: Oh no, no way. We're just getting comfortable for the movie. Lie down so I can cover you with this pretty blanket with the cherries on it, oh it's so soft, so comfy for a movie.
Em: Coveh up my feet, don't forget to coveh up my feet.

(at this point I feel it is vital to tell you that when Em is tired, she sounds just like a 60 year old woman who's been smoking ciggies since she was 14 and drinks straight whiskey for breakfast. Also, it kind of sounds like she has a NY accent going on or something...very funny.)

Ashley: Okay, got it. Want this fuzzy gray blanket too?
Big Kid & Em: Yeah! No!
Em: Just put it on him. I don't want it touchin me. It's for him.
Ashley: Okay, here you go Big Kid.
Big Kid: I want it on her.
Ashley: She doesn't want it on her.
Big Kid: Dest make sure it doesn't touch my feet.
Ashley: Alrighty, anything else I can do for your majesties?
Em: Could you just stwoke my back? That would be great, if you could just do that for me.
Ashley: Um, no. Sorry princess. It's been a long day, just watch the movie.

Also, Emmers is deathly afraid of dogs. It's a true fear, not just some silly thing. She was terrified of Murphy and literally crawled up LK's body upon seeing him. I explained that he was her friend and just a baby and if she wanted to spend the night here she was going to have to learn to love him.

Now 85748 times since then I've heard how much she loves him, how cute he is, how she's petting him, how he is her bestfriend, and how she's going to come over every single night from now on.

Well, I'm glad they're getting along now, but I don't know about that.

While I've been typing they got off the mattress so Em could show us her freestyling dance moves. That was great. Then she was like:

Em: Do you wanna see an old dance I've got?
Ashley: Sure.
Em: It's just an old dance, not like the breakdancin' or nothin'.
Ashley: That's fine.
Em: (what looks like a short seizure) That's all I got. I know it's not much. But that's it.
Ashley: It's great, you two get back on the movie mattress.
Em: Big Kid, you lie down and I'll stwoke your hair, okay? That'll be nice.
Big Kid: No. What are you doin? You're dest messin it all up. Don't touch my hair.
Em: Uh. Whatevah.

I just took some pictures of them on the movie mattress and she said: "Hey, watch it with that light. You're like burnin' my eyeballs out and stuff. Really. You are." Protesting as she's posing it up and insisting on more pictures. She also insisted on viewing them on the LCD screen to make sure it "looks like she loves Big Kid enough".

I've been trying to jot down some of the funny stuff they say but it's all just too much and I'm so tired. Maybe I'll try to recount some of it tomorrow when I show you the pictures. Yeah, I wish I would just upload the pics now too, but really, I am tired.


Sasha said...

Holy crap, that's funny. I love Big Kid and Emmers. Esp now that I know she sounds like my grandma when she's tired. Seeing as how I'm living my life these days, I'm heading in that general direction myself...

Smooches! Get some rest! I stayed up way past my bedtime seeing Bon Jovi and I'm paying big time today. But it was kinda worth it.

Cate said...

once again, glad its you and not me.

Joy said...

Can't wait to hear how that middle of the night milk goes!

We have yet to have a full night sleep over, we tried it once and I ended up taking the kid home at 9 when he realized what he had gotten himself into.

Melodie said...

I can't wait to see the pics. I'm sure they're too cute.

Mitch said...

OMg. I can't wait for the pics. I doo hope you get to sleep through the night, though!

Lynda Kay said... least it's not still from a bottle...and I forgot to tell you about the stroking the back thing...

Anonymous said...

Are they up yet????

Anonymous said...

Did the movie mattress work? I would have totally fallen for that one and been sound asleep in like two minutes.