Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Disturbing Mish Mash

I don't know what's more disturbing...

This list of 25 most disturbing sex toys or the fact that I've encouraged you all to purchase at least three things on the list and have bought another for a friend as a gift (who wouldn't want a vibrating rubber duck??)

Once you're done there...go visit Discreet Online Adult Store

and feel normal about your purchases.

Seriously, it's all tame compared to most of the stuff on that list (and the few things on the list that I recommended and that too timid sells are cool, in my opinion...definitely not in the same league as a baby Jesus butt plug. Yeah, you politically correct letter writing world've got better things to do than pick on me now.)

Now if you want to see something seriously disturbing, here's a list of five tools to help you track the time you spend online. I can't think of any reason anyone would want to do that, other than to torture themselves, so it isn't a service that I would utilize, but perhaps some of you don't like living in denial and/or actually want help. Good luck with that.

Also disturbing, this article on the modern day slave trade . Now I'm all for indentured servitude. I see nothing wrong with a long term lease on another person as long as the agreement is amicable to both parties (sort of like marriage!), but it's pretty insane this sort of stuff still goes on and as a journalist it would be impossible for me to stay out of it and be objective.


Melodie said...

Who needs to pay a maid when you can buy a slave in Haiti for $50?

ro said...

I totally have #11.

Well I Do Declare said...

OMG that was crazy!!! Was that Celine Dion modeling #14?? The whole thing was like a car wreck... just couldn't stop staring.

KatieGirlBlue said...

Good Lord, waking up to an image of a "hooded full body binding suit?" What? Who are these people?

And tracking the time I spend online? Please. Thats like "tracking the amount of money I spend on face creams" or "tracking calories..."

It's just Not Done.

Dammit, Ashley, now I'm so amped up I might have to go running.

Anonymous said...

Um, that website was...creepy. I think I'll stick to Too Timid.

Renee said...

That list was hilarious - I LOVE their writing style. You should be writing for them. I saw a link to submit yourself for consideration! Oh, and no offense, but EFF YOU for even suggesting that I might be interested in tracking my online time. Even the suggestion makes my palms clammy.

-The Renee