Friday, April 25, 2008

Worth A Mention

A highly respected and seemingly sane Bargain Board member says that a B complex vitamin has helped her anxiety tremendously and has given her the energy she lost when she began taking Lexapro.

Now everyone on the bargain board is taking B vitamins and MANY claim to feel better. So because I have to do everything the bargain board does, I am also going to begin taking them.

I either need some energy or 3 more of me...and as much fun as 3 more of me sounds, they wouldn't be easy to live with. I can admit that. And they'd be tough to find. Probably expensive too.

So yesterday I bought Costco's High Energy multivitamin horse pill thingies (not it's exact name, I don't yet have enough energy to get it out of the cupboard and check, sorry 'bout that), and today I took my first one.

So far, I'm still me. However, I'm pretty sure any minute now I'll metamorphosize into a super skinny, organized, successful genius and people will be throwing money at me to blog and photograph stuff and who knows, maybe even be a travel journalist.

Said money will enable me to buy a blackberry and employ a nanny and spend more time entertaining you all. From the road and everything. Perhaps my connections as a travel journalist could get us a sponsor for the Ashley's Closet Cruise.

Man, that all sounds good.

I'll keep taking them, you all keep your fingers crossed.



the mom said...

Interesting...I'd love to know more!!

Just Kiddin' Photography said...

I don't know about the whole energy bandwagon, but I DO know for sure that B12 is the ER doc's drug of choice for a hangover. That, and a sugar free Red Bull. Just so ya know.

Joy said...

You have to let us all know how it works out I may need to look into those, as much as I hate to take huge pills.

Cate said...

Let me know how that works for ya, I'll be right there behind ya.

Ms. Skywalker said...

Let me know if they work better than margarita's.

Unknown said...

I actually take the liquid b12, its works pretty amazing. I can tell the days I don't take it.
I also take chromium picolinate (sp?) and it helps with curbing app. and is supposed to boost metabolism.
If you look at OTC diet pills, they always have high doses of chromium picolinate and b vits.

anyway, it really seems to help me, and Ive been taking mine longer before the bargain boardies thought it was cool.

ps sorry about the boobs, I forget to log this name out.

Life, Love And Lola said...

Can I be your traveling manager? You won't have to pay me. Promise. Just continue to make me laugh.

Anonymous said...

Hey Ash,

Carol here. I'm also a certified personal trainer and nutritionist. The B vitamins will be a HUGE benefit for your body. They also assist in quite a bit of nerve function (which probably explains some of the ease in anxiety levels), as well as helping in some blood function (insert lots of complicated medical jargon here). I would also suggest that you start supplementing with vit. E and vit. D (provided that your doctor approves). If you have any questions, just toss an e-mail my way.

Oh, and make sure you're getting upwards of 2-4 liters of water a day. Your nervous system really benefits. :)


Anonymous said...

Ooooh, oooh, oooh.... L-carnitine is another awesome supplement (assuming you don't have a few particular underlying health issues or intolerances). Again, e-mail me if you want more details.

Anonymous said...

As boob-girl said, chromium can be pretty good as stabilizing blood sugar levels (which can help to curb appetite), but you have to be SUPER-careful with your dosing. Too high a dose (which can be really easy) has been linked with a variety of stomach and intestinal cancers/tumors.

Bodybuilders have been known to increase their dosage in preparation for a competition and I think that's what prompted the studies in the first place.

Dude, I get so nerdy when it comes to this subject.

Mo said...

interestingly enough, I also started taking a b complex vitamin about 3 days ago...(weird!).
I have felt less tired, but I think I need more than three days to really know how these things affect me- it can't hurt tho, right??

KatieGirlBlue said...

I'm on B, among other things. Because of where I store my vitamins, I forget to take them alot. After about a week of forgetting, I realize that I'm edgy, nervous, mean and lethargic. Then I say, "OH! My VITAMINS." And in a few days everything's better. Well, until I forget again.

Anonymous said...


Dre here.

Thought I'd communicate with you this way instead of email for *cough-ahem-cough* obvious reasons such as perhaps an email gets lost every now and then.

So. Thank you very much Ms. Ashley Pants BBC Crack Dealer. I am now couponing. Yeah, me. My mom laughs. My dad laughs. My husband laughs. I say, "blame Ashley". Once I start explaining the backtrack of it all, I sound even crazier (the lady doth protest too much--bleh).

So that brings me to your use of the phrase "seemingly sane" to refer to someone of the OBBC BHB (fond of abbreviations much?).

Only time will tell. Of course I have no idea who you're talking about, but all the BHB'ers get the crazy at some point. No?

Anonymous said...

You already are a super skinny, organized, successful genius. Let's just see if we can get people to throw money at you to blog and photograph stuff! I say a book deal is in the making! Seriously, I'd buy it. ;0)

AFRo said...

Oh my goodness I love that graphic at the end of this post. It's my life's motto.

Unknown said...

Had to come see why Mr. Ashley was so fascinated with Rae's Secret...LMAO! Love it! Boobies in the closet!

Dre, did you send me an email? Because I seriously did not get it. For realz. I'm glad you found the joys of Babycenter and "clipping coupons" did mean that kind of "clipping coupons", right?

Txchic, you rock.

The hangover cure sounds interesting. I'm on day 3 and still feeling good (but it's the weekend, so who knows). I'll keep you all posted. Of course.

Fluffy Windover said...

So B6 or 12 or both?? I think I used to take those before going to bed after a night of drinking to stave off hangovers. I also took B6 to help with morning sickness (did nothing). But I need something for anxiety especially now because it's generally really frowned upon for pregnant women to pop xanax.

Wendy Baubach said...

Lemme know if it works.....cause God knows I am dragging these days...think my kids are trying to kill me...don't blame them....but still I wouldn't put it past them....

Maddness of Me said...

A while back I invested a little money ($300 totally worth it) to see a holistic doctor and have my blood tested to see what my body needed.

He put me on Optivite (multi vitamin), buffered C powder, Bio D Multion Forte (vitamin D drops), and Iodoral (iodine, nobody has enough in their diet except asians), and unrefined sea salt (Whole Foods).

It has been 3 years and I have YET to catch any bug whatsoever.

I used to always be sick with something, and sluggish.

I recommend to every human that they do this. I was refered to Dr. Brownstein through Suzanne Somers.

amyblue said...

i've been taking a women's multi, super b complex, and flaxseed oil for a few weeks, and i really am starting to feel better. i just need the little one to let me sleep better at night so that i can be well rested.

the highlighter yellow thing made me laugh, because i just had to turn in a urine test at work last week(to my supervisor, who i see every day) and it was neon colored and very vitamin smelling.