Thursday, April 17, 2008

They Are Up

and fighting. He wants to play dress up, she wants to go outside. He wants to play hair cutter, she wants to play dentist. One of them declares that the other is no longer their best friend, someone comes crying to me, and then the other one later declares that they are no longer their best friend, and the other one comes crying to me.

Its very loud and chaotic and I have done some yelling.

Also, I made muffins this morning. Not the crappy astronaut "just add water" ones that I usually pass off on them...real muffins from a box with an egg and oil and everything. They thought they tasted weird. I guess they now actually believe that the cardboard astronaut-like muffins are what muffins should taste like.

I don't know.

I do know that I'm pretty much done. Also, I'm really glad that I didn't end up having to adopt that 4 year old twin I thought I was going to end up stuck with.

Because I'm really not cut out for one more kid.


Sally said...

Dear Ashley & Big Kid,

I need both of you for this one.

What should I do with a little boy that deleted his Moms blog?

It's been a week and I haven't gotten over it yet.

The Mr. claims it's my fault for leaving Blogger dashboard up while I used the bathroom.

So who needs the punishment here? Mom making a potty break or the 3yo that was told not to touch the keyboard?


Katie Ryan said...

Hey, now, I like those astronaut muffins! And what's even better than that, my husband thinks I went all out for him and the fam on Sunday mornings when I make'em! "Mama's bakin'" hee, hee, hee!

Anonymous said...

i know how pissed you get when there's an oops on your page that we don't bring to your attention immediately, so consider this as me doing my duty. :)

Unknown said...

Okay but what's the oops? My brain is fried today, something about 2 four year olds.


Unknown said...

The 'oops' on your page is the missing 'y' in the word 'They' in the title of your post. Luv you anyway.

Unknown said... it, got it. I am fried today.

Slacker Mama said...

I'm with you on the Astronaut muffins. When I took the time to make waffles from scratch one morning, they were immediately rejected by both kids in favor of Eggos.

KatBouska said...

It's really not that bad if you just stay drunk. That's my theory anyway.

Renee said...

What are the astronaut muffins? Why don't I know about this? I love how your "real" muffins still have a box involved. :) Reminds me of the whole "you could make your own icing" thing from last year (when I wanted to use peanut butter as icing and you called me a bad mom). I'd like to say I've come a long way since then.....but I try not to lie.

-The Renee

Joy said...

Hey I love the just add water muffins, and the canned cinnamon rolls those are showing the family some love there.

Shasta Escargot said...

Don't ever feel guilty about serving astronaut muffins....I have conditioned my family to think they are delicious and nutritious. I stopped trying to be a domestic goddess a long time ago!! HA!! :)

You gotta go with what works!!

Anonymous said...

I think you have been listening in to every play date we have ever hosted. Ever. The noise. The love/hate relationship between the babies. The absolute conviction that there will not be another child permanently added to the house.

Good, good stuff.