Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Flying Peas

So this cute online kid's store emailed me to tell me that they have cute stuff.

Naturally, being the shopper that I am, even without the resources to support the habit, I decided to check it out.

Flying Peas really does have some cute stuff.

I want Big Kid to get this hat:

but he likes some other hat that I didn't like nearly as much. We did semi-agree on this hat:

But it doesn't come in his size. I'm going to keep working on him with the motorcycle hat. I would just order it but he'll be ticked when he figures out that I'm so broke that the money came from his piggy bank. (...however it is a hat for HIM, it's about time these kids start chipping in on keeping themselves decked out.)

I also love a shirt they have that says "The dog hates me"...perfect for little kid!! That would be a riot.

They also have the mystery baby shirt, which I saw somewhere long ago and was recently trying to find again for a baby shower. You open the bag and the shirt inside reveals your baby's future career.

They had lots of unique, funky baby stuff. I love giving quirky, memorable gifts for new babies, so I'm bookmarking them for the next time someone gets knocked up.

Anyways, I told them we'd probably love their stuff and they gave us a discount code to use: ASHLEY10 gets you 10% off.

So go look, I'm sure you need something. Besides, if you have a coupon, don't you pretty much HAVE to use it? It's like wasting money not to.

Edited to add: Darn it, I see that the motorcycle hat is temporarily out of stock. Well maybe by the time I talk him into it, they'll have it again. The engineer and gatsby hats on the same page are also awfully cute though...


Melodie said...

Before I read this post, I was sure from the title that it would be about some new destruction ala little kid!
Thanks for the new place to spend my nonexistent money!

Anonymous said...

Obviously if the hat is for HIM..he must pay. Duh! I'm pretty sure that's how you are supposed to handle things. I take out the middle man (him being the piggy bank) and put the money straight into my wallet. If my 16 month old isn't going to pee on the potty, she will buy her own diapers! :) Hehe.

Cate said...

Love the clothes..mine are getting "too old" but SIL is preggers, great place for gifts!

Mitch said...

I have no need for it, but I loved the name of the breast feeding cover up -- ORGANIC HOOTER HIDER!

Anonymous said... your blog and really appreciate the heads up on the adorable website. I made a purchase already and utilized your 10%!! I was so excited that I didn't even mind that the "SHIPPING" cost more than the actual product I bought. ha!!

Anonymous said...

LOVE the dragonfly flip flops for Gumballs! Thanks for the heads up and the code.

Mamahut said...

Love CarolLeeDesigns, I could spend a fortune in there. I posted a picture in your honor over at my blog. I know I am like a week behind but I thought you might enjoy it.
Is that whorish of me?

Anonymous said...

Glad you all like my site, friends. I know shipping can be expensive, but if it makes you feel any better, I only charge what UPS charges (no markup)... Please feel free to shoot any suggestions along to me - I'm always looking for cool products and ways to improve the site. Thanks!

Cinnamon said...

I have to get one of thoe mystery shirts for a baby shower next month. Thanks alot Ashley, lol.