Saturday, February 9, 2008


Girl Crush has not checked her email and it is looking like I'm going to have to track down her number and call her. You all know that I hate this. Mr. Ashley can't do it for me either. Well he could, but that would be super weird.

I'm going to have to come up with a different name than Girl Crush for her too. God Forbid she ever finds out about this and thinks (read: knows) that I'm a total freakazoid.

Edited to add: Girl Crush only has 5 minutes before I have to call. We left it all sort of open ended but now what if I call and she's made other plans? It will be totally awkward. Now I wish I hadn't emailed so I could just get out of the whole thing and take a nap instead.

EATA: I called and left a message. I managed not to do anything mortifying like call her my Girl Crush or get stage fright and hang up mid message. Now the ball is back in her court. Which is a good thing but I have the little bit of dread that comes with waiting for a call. But at least I'm not making the call.

I have a feeling that she's a phone phobe too, so I hope she knows that it is perfectly acceptable, if not preferred, to email me back and pretend she read the email before she got the message.

Update: Well Girl Crush called back. They are buying kayaks and then going kayaking but are still up for getting together tonight. They also went to a hockey game last night and stayed up until 4am at a friend's house playing Guitar Hero. These are wild and wacky people. You'll be happy to hear that the call went well though, no awkwardness whatsoever. Although I think buying kayaks is a weird thing to do.


so tired said...

Jackpot! I love it when I have to call someone and I get their answering machine.

That way you can leave the important part of the message without all the witty chit chat and hang up.

You can even pretend you are not home when she calls you back and hopefully she leaves you her important info.

It drives me totally crazy when someone calls me and just says "call me back" and does not tell me what they want. My sister does this to me all of the time.

I hesitate to call her back because it could be something totally stupid that she will take an hour to talk about. I'm not interested in that.

So I just don't call her back and when challenged, I blame it on my husband. Nice, huh?

Bad Mommy said...

You know, I think ALL women are this way.

Wouldn't it be great to have a social director to do all of that fun stuff for you?

"This is Social Director, calling for Ashley. Mrs Ashley would like to confirm dessert plans with Girl Crush for this evening. Please respond at your earliest convienence for Mrs Ashley has SEVERAL invitations to consider. Thank you and have a lovely day."

Hey, maybe BK could do it for you! He's good like that, right?