Monday, February 11, 2008

Out of Order

My posts are out of order. If you start a post in Blogger and then finish it later, it will post wherever it would have if you had finished and published it right away. Usually I notice and then rush around cutting and pasting and deleting and getting things back in the right order, but today I'm just going to ask that you scroll down for the new post and let me know if you know of an easy way to remedy this situation.

Edited to add: Cool! Not anymore! See what happens when we work together?

What's gonna work? TEAM WORK!


Slacker Mama said... can change the post time in order to make them show up in the right order. Expand "Post Options" (it's to the left of the labels) and then you can change the post date and time.

Hope that helps!

Renee said...

I know of an easy way to remedy this situation. You can edit the date and time stamp of the blog entry - it will use the date and time that you first saved it, I think, but you can change that and make it just a few minutes ago, so it will move to the top. Go into Edit for the entry, then click on Post Options and you'll see the date and time associated with that entry.

Renee said...

Darn - I thought I was the first to suggest this. You know what's happening for me today? Your comments all say 0 but then when I click to make a comment, I can see the comments that are there. Darn Blogger.

-The Renee

Unknown said...

That would help A LOT! I don't see it though. Do you mean once you get to that list of all of your posts? Tell me where, again please :-)

Renee said...

When you see the list of all your posts, click Edit for the one post you want to change. Then down towards the bottom (lower left - before the Labels box) it says Post Options. Click on that and you'll see the date and time.

I hope I was first this time.

Anonymous said...

What's gonna work? TEAM WORK!

Is it totally pathetic that I know that's from Wonder Pets and I sang it in the stinking sing-song voice?

Yeah, probably.

Joy said...

I just got some crazy Error message when leaving a comment on the last post "oh and..." so I hope all my typing doesn't go to wasted and you can get it. It was from blogger I don't know never had that happen before.