Wednesday, February 20, 2008

The Thanks I Get

Big Kid marched into his room and looked around with an irritated look on his face:

Big Kid: What happened?

Ashley: I'm cleaning your room.

Big Kid: (looks around in disapproval) It doesn't wook cwean.

Ashley: I'm organizing, that takes a while and things look messier at first. I've done a lot though. See all the books nicely lined up on your bookcase?

Big Kid: Dey go down dere (pointing to a big basket on the floor)

Ashley: They were everywhere, now they are nicely lined up and you can find them.

Big Kid: Yeah (unenthusiastically) How come dese pitchur fwames are on my bed? Dey don't go dere.

Ashley: I'm going to put them back on top of your dresser.

Big Kid: Do.

(at this point I didn't know whether to laugh or slap him)

Ashley: Hey I worked hard on this. I labeled all of your puzzles and puzzle pieces and put them in Ziplocs with a corresponding label so it will be easier to keep them together and put them away!

Big Kid: Dat is owganizeded?

Ashley: Yes, I think so.

Big Kid: To me, it dest wooks wike you messeded up my woom.

Ashley: Well then you'll just have to wait until I'm done. It's going to be great.

Big Kid: Okay. But I don't want you to wet wittle kid in here and don't be throwin' my stuffs away.

Ashley: Aye, aye captain.


Anonymous said...

Yay, you did it!! Of course BK isn't going to think it's clean, he'd probably rather wallow in mud, no??

You got to me. Although I didn't make my list (I really don't think I need one...but may change my mind Friday afternoon as I scramble). I did, however, clean out my fridge, take out the garbage, and prepped dinner. I also packaged up some stuff I am sending to a friend in Guam and I used my P-touch to make the address label. It looks very nice! :o)

Now I'm sitting here watching Ellen - which I never do. Christina Aguilera is on and is obviously nursing her son. OMFG she looks like she could nurse all of LA!!! Was she THAT big before??

clemsongirlandthecoach said...

I did my taxes. E-filed those bastards...and we're not talking refund here at the Casa de Chaos. But, they are D.O.N.E.

I'll clean the room for you, just deal with my damn minis.

Anonymous said...

I organized my kids' rooms and now it is so easy to straighten up in about 5 minutes! I got these really cool storage shelves at Target. (they are on sale this week for $39.99 and $5.50 for the fabric drawers.) Those drawers fit a ton of stuff in them. And that's how I keep all the crap seperated. Just a suggestion, but it has been a life saver for us! We now have one in each of the boys' rooms and 1 in the basement playroom.

Anonymous said...

A day in the life... That sounds a lot like the dialogue over here when I try and clean up my daughter's playroom... Which needs to be done desperately. But, I'm still in yesterday's pajamas, so I don't think it's happening today. Good job!

Anonymous said...

Soooo cute. Pls let my daughter say cute things like this when she starts speaking in sentences. Cuteness.

Amy said...

I heart Big Kid! I love posts of conversations with him. I always get a laugh!

AFRo said...

I LOVE these kind of posts! They are my favorite. Good job girl! I'm so proud of you for getting motivated! Just're almost done and you'll get a check for today, not an X. Isn't that how it goes?

Anonymous said...

my hubby says big kid is "off the chain". just thought i'd share.

you have motivated me to get back into (and stop half-assing) my cleaning schedule that i made a while back - i tend to get a little overwhelmed and can't focus on to many things at once, but i can handle one room at a time. each day i tackle one room - all the general tidying, dusting (i'm lying about dusting) vacuuming & steaming carpet or sweeping hard floors, sheets, and a "project" that has been needing to get tackled (clean baseboards, organize drawers, clean out closet, etc). when i finish that room, i can be as lazy as i want. it can take anywhere from 20 minutes to 2 hours, depending on how much i want to get done.

mondays - kitchen and bathrooms (i have to do dishes every day though, i hate crap in the sink and i cook a lot)

tuesdays - living room

wednesdays - kids' bedroom

thursdays - toy room

fridays - my bedroom

anyway, just though i'd share in case you need some more ideas! it really keeps my ADD in check to not have to walk around the house finding things to clean up.

Renee said...

I didn't get everything done that I thought about, but I'm considering Day One a success. I got one thing done towards Working Out the finances - I finished the budget plan and figured out how we're going to get our credit cards paid off in the next month. That is a very good thing.

-The Renee

PS I'll have to go back to look and see what we do on Thursday - is it trash removal/decluttering?

Joy said...

Damn unappreciative BK.

I am proud of you though. I missed the whole first day, I actually got out of this house and took little one to the bounce place AKA the Germ house! My hubby was mortified considering we all just got over the flu.

I plan on cleaning the entire house today it is a must. FIL is coming to watch the kiddos tonight so that hubby and I can go on an actually date, dinner and hockey game lots of fun.