Wednesday, February 27, 2008





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TheKeepersMom said...

Whatever I can do Wednesday. So far, I have done..Nothing. This will change..
Glad you are back and feeling better.
GL on the Budget, they always scare me too!

Anonymous said...

I worked out this morning. YAY!

I need to clean my bathroom - tonight after work.

I WILL patch the holes that are in EVERY SINGLE PAIR of my big dude's pants. Seriously. Every single pair. So much for handing them down to little dude.

Slacker Mama said...

I called a new salon and made a hair appointment.

I called a friend that I hadn't talked/seen in a while (phone-phobia extends to friends as well).

I still need to call my Arbonne-hocking friend.

Looks like I qualify for some celebratory wine (in addition to beer on Suds it up Saturday, I'm changing today to Work it out Wednesday...with Wine!)

Maddnessofme said...

I am newly married and need to work out a way to partition off my food in the refrigerator. Sharing is not working out. I need my Healthy Choice fudge bars or I will kill somebody.

KatieGirlBlue said...

My god you work fast. You've already checked things off your list. All I've done so far is buy a muffin and coffee and ignore my emails.

You're quite the go-getter. I might have to stop reading your blog if you keep going at such an enviable pace.

Me said...

I have a brother in law who is similar to Mr Ashley. He rides around with the mail in his vehicle for D-A-Y-S before bringing it inside.

TheKeepersMom said...

Oh,yes. Hair Salon, great Idea! Haircut is included in Next weeks NLP schedule!!

Sally said...

#1 I'm really glad you didn't die.

#2 The lack of spaces makes the blog difficult to read.

#3 Work it out Wednesday needs to include a plan to keep renovated laptop safe from little kid.

#4 Budgets are like sex. It's only scary the first time.

#5 It's 9:00 and you've checked things off your to do list? I feel so inadequate.

Maddness of Me said...

Don't let the space bar ever keep you from posting - no matter what time it is.

Anonymous said...

um...i organized my diaper i said i was going to last week.

i have phone-phobia and have to call all kinds of banks about getting a house. booo

jenn said...

Ironed patches on daughter's Brownie uniform AND cleaned the kitchen. Must lie down with a cool cloth and wine now.

spielbee said...

Hello! My first time! Congrats on the Blobby award nom. I just wanted to say that budgets make me suicidal too.
Thinking about them. Talking about them. Doing them.
Probably because they always end with me spending less money. I already spend less than I want damnit.
May I swear on your comment board?
Much love,

sunny-daze said...

Taxes - DONE!!
That makes me good for the week, right?

Renee said...

I've had this project looming over my head for 4 weeks now and it's due tonight, so that's what I'm working out today. We had to make a car out of a cardboard box for J to take to church with him tonight - they're doing some kind of drive-in movie theater where they sit in their box cars and eat popcorn and watch a movie. And there is a contest to decide whose box car is cutest. (We will NOT be winning any awards.) But it's done...almost. I just need to glue on the license plate and the construction paper headlights and tail lights. I went with a Geek Squad theme (black and white) but we wrote God Squad in the orange & black circle instead of Geek Squad. Cute idea, but the box is just okay. Especially since I let J paint the word God and he painted Gob instead (great homeschooling - the kid still mixes up lower case d's and b's). The Gob Squad. Gob, help me. :)

-The Renee

Melodie said...

I'm sick. I'll be lucky if I can even clean out my purse today.

Anonymous said...

uhhh still haven't made calls.

but i hand sewed my son's blanket since it had a hole in it...

and i did my mountain of laundry..including my diaper bag...i don't know if i'll be able to recognize it without all of the dried cookie goo and spilt milk spots on it.

Anonymous said...

I cleaned out a bag of microwave popcorn and had my car detailed. So, does that really count?

Anonymous said...

Ok, I know this sounds crazy, but did you know that most keyboards can be taken apart and washed in the top shelf of the dishwasher? Yup, it's true. When I tried to buy a new keyboard all I could find was black, which didn't go with my color scheme, LOL! So, after much wringing of hands & lamenting, the Best Buy guy finally spilled his guts about the dishwasher method. Maybe I was holding a knife to his throat, it's all blurry now. However, we now have a new computer & black monitor but still have the off-white keyboard. But, my keyboard came out of the dishwasher clean as a whistle. Hubby was so impressed he went downtown & brought his keyboard home. At this posting, I'm fairly certain I'll never get a new keyboard now.

Frankly, I've gotten very little done today besides watching the maid crew clean. It does always make me FEEL productive, just watching them work...

Anonymous said...

Oh Ashley - so sorry about your computer and the puking - we went through that last week - I have a similar problem with my laptop - I spilled red wine on it and the period key wont work! Who needs it! Love your blog..... thanks for the laughs!

Joy said...

I saw this today and thought it might make you feel better. I know you had been wanting to see baby Harlow,,20180683,00.html

Anonymous said...

I was unable to work out today, but I share your pain on the budget. Mr. QM apparently does not think seven new pairs of shoes for myself a month is necessary. Hello? Has he NEVER heard of changing one's look?

I am glad you are feeling better.

Renee said...

I think you need to clarify the intent of Work It Out Wednesday, because there seems to be a lot of cleaning going on today. One of the things I liked about the NLP:RD was that it didn't have me cleaning every single day. I'm using WIOW for a non-cleaning-related issue that I need to deal with - isn't that how it was initially presented? I know we're allowed to adapt your plan to meet our individual needs, but I'm feeling a little inferior to all of these Deep Cleaners so I felt the need to point out that I don't think they're really supposed to be cleaning today. Really.

-The Renee

Anonymous said...

Don't fret. You're not the only slacker. I didn't clean anything more than a few runny noses yesterday.

I think some of the deep cleaners are making it up. My other theory is that they are over eager for the popular girl to notice them. It's well documented that you are loved by Ashley so the pressure is off.

As for me .... well if I went all cleaning and stuff then the Mr. would have unreasonable expectations of me. I spend a decade bringing the bar down. I'm not screwing that up even for Ashley.

sunny-daze said...

Renee, you're right, that is the beauty of WIOW, no cleaning. I am giddy about Trash Terminating Thursday, I can not wait for the kids to leave for school. They probably will be pissed when they get home and don't recognize their rooms. I just hope I get it together before the garbage men get here, otherwise, they will be digging through the bags.

Sasha said...

I don't think I accomplished anything on WIOW.... wait! I did post my bio at the beauty blog site I am contributing to... so that's one thing I'd been putting off that I got done.

Phew. So I'm still in the game.