Thursday, February 21, 2008

Trash Terminating Thursday

Okay, we've made it to day 2.

On Trash Terminating Thursday, we focus on some purging/organization. It can be your purse, one drawer, your pantry, cupboards, your car, whatever.

My WIOW task has rolled over into Trash Terminating Thursday, which is fine since they are connected. I'm on a roll with Big Kid's room and it just wasn't practical to think I'd get the closet and bins and drawers and everything totally clean and organized. I've got a plan and I'm on the right track though.

I also need to do my sink duty and do some general clean up out here in the living area aka land of destruction.

Make sure to tell me what you are going to do and when you accomplish it. It was fun yesterday to get everyone's updates and I actually have some responses to some of the comments yesterday, but first I must accomplish some things.


Anonymous said...

I took the day off work and started on purging my whole house! So far I have accomplished the baby's room, my room, my son's room, and the living room. My husband is re-tiling the bathroom, and I am ready to re-decorate. The kitchen and laundry rooms are the only things left and I feel like I am running out of steam.

Mitch said...

I'm still only applying this to my job right now, so my goal for today is to clean my desk of all unnecessary paper!

My boss will be so proud.

Mom of 5 said...

I'm going to clean out my purse. Who the heck knows what is in there? I constantly pull all of the stuff out, rubber band it, and put it away to deal with later. I have never owned a small purse because I carry too much crap.

I REALLY need to clean out my car. It's so bad. It's not trash. It's just mail, kids' stuff, and other misc. things that have remained in there. Or maybe I'll tell my husband to do it. That's a better plan.

Things I May Regret Writing said...

I cleaned my kitchen sink and countertops yesterday!

Anonymous said...

I have been so busy the past two days that I am actually having to catch up on the posts I've missed before I can get to Trash Terminating Thursday. Although, today is also Work It Out Wednesday for me, since I'm behind.
Guess what I have to do for WIOW/Th? I have to call 24 kindergarten parents to ask them to provide food for a teacher bday celebration in March. I thought you would appreciate that because of our shared phone phobia. I am seriously dreading it. Not only am I calling a lot of people who I really don't know... I'm also asking them to provide/donate something. They just LOVE that!
Anyway, keep up the good work Ashley!

Maddnessofme said...

I decided to go through the linen/misc hallway closet and throw out all meds, ointments, vitamins, sprays, etc that are expired. I also threw out items that I may have used once and put in there never to be used again (assorted stinky air fresheners, deodorants, gross toothpaste, soaps, etc). Hubby has a bad habit of using bottles until there is a drop left then leaving it in there... those all got tossed too. I now have about 50% more closet space.

Anonymous said...

i am going to clean out and organize my diaper bag!

Laural Out Loud said...

I work, so I'm gearing up to do everything over the weekend! It's supposed to rain all day Sat and Sun, too, so I'm excited to have something planned for indoors. As for my daughter, she'll have to fend for herself. I take this organizing stuff seriously.

Joy said...

Like I said I am cleaning the whole house and I mean clean toilets and all. But one of my trash terminating projects is going thru the 1000's of papers the kindergartener has brought home from school and throwing out all the work we don't need to keep it really is ridiculous the amount of paperwork he brings home.

Anonymous said...

I have cleaned out the medicine cabinet, gone thru kids closets and sent a box of clothing to my brother & SIL, sorted and matched socks (I hate to do!), got the kids to purge their rooms, cleaned the hallway closet that was full of my hubbys ARMY stuff (he retired in '04 - 4 pairs of boots, several uniforms, PT stuff, canteens, hats, UGH!!!!). I must say that I am paying for it now - my back hurts - darn labor and birthing kiddos! BUT I HAVE MADE PROGRESS!!! Whoohooo...can't you tell I'm excited. Thanks Ashley.

Hair Girl said...

I am working today, but I decided that I would make my salon manager clean her desk today in honor of TTT. Not my cleaning but she does work for me and officially its my space. I think I am going to make my assitant clean something too. I think this may work for me really well! As long as I make everyone else do the work. ;o)

NJmamma said...

So far I have a sparkling clean sink and I cleaned out my kids craft table.
I think that was a full days work!
Cocktails anyone?

Anonymous said...

Well, I'm at work too today. But you ladies have come up with some GOOD ideas. I like the cleaning out the medicine cabinet one. I could also clean out the desk drawers in the kitchen. They SO need it. I will have to do it once DD goes to bed tonight. And since Thursday is crap TV anyway, I'm good to go. Unless...I want to touch up my roots tonight before we leave for vacation. Hmmmm....

October said...

Yesterday when I said I that I CLEANED my WHOLE house I fear some of the truth might have been lost in translation. What I meant to say is that I tidied up my open plan kitchen-diningroom-livingroom area. It took forEVER and felt and looked awesome but I guess technically it wasn't 'clean' and it didn't include the bedrooms or bathroom or hallway.
So today for Trash Terminating Thursday I decided to thoroughly cleanse my bathroom; scrub the tub, sink and toilet, polish the mirror, floor and walls, clean all the cupboards and throw out anything that hasn't been used in the last couple of years.

BUT if we add all the tiny little bits and pieces of last nights fractured (co-)sleep it wont even make it to three hours.
So, with a fulltime job, a VERY needy (but really cool) kid and the boyfriend out of town all that will be terminated tonight is my sleep deprivation. (so maybe from now on I'll just start lagging one day behind you all and pretend it's TTT tomorrow in Norway instead..?)

Anonymous said...

Okay, okay, you've guilted me into this nonsense. I tackled a drawer (that's right, singular). But in all fairness it was "that" drawer. You know the one I'm talking about...the one that is somewhere in the kitchen vicinity and manages to collect everything you want to whisk away when you're cleaning off your countertops on WIOW.

I knew from the start it was a bad idea. Here's a sampling (skip this unless you're really trying to kill time):

6 nail files
3 Tide-to-Go Pens
Fish food (fish have been dead over a year)
4 USB cords to unknown devices
1 1995 Consumer Reports Buying Guide (that oughtta come in handy)
28 packs of various gum, all melted together and gross
3 empty eyeglass holders
2 ATT phone cards worth $10 each -- expired
1 pedometer (back when I'd thought I'd lose the baby weight in 2 weeks)
3 unused/empty photo albums
1 voter's registration card (been looking for that)
16 tins of breath mints - unable to determine age

So what did I do with this amazing treasure trove? Aside from throwing out the obvious HAZMAT, most got transferred to the drawer immediately to the right of it. To be addressed next Trash Terminating Thursday.

How am I doing so far?

Renee said...

It's so motivating to read all the comments! Some people are really jumping into this thing with both feet. I'm super impressed. For Trashy Thursday, I'm going to clean out my purse and go through the papers in the office. I wanted to do the office papers yesterday but didn't get to it, but it's really 70% trash, so it fits well for today too.

-The Renee

Anonymous said...

I think I need to skip TTT because I am a purger by nature. Unfortunatly that has lead me to throw away airline tickets, paychecks, and numerous gift cards. I'm kinda in a recovery program trying not to throw things away.

Instead I did tons of laundry that my LK produced by vomiting on everything he came in contact with.

What is Friday again?

Joy said...

Well along with completly cleaning the house I did my purge, I went thru about 10 pounds of papers from the Kindergartener and threw out so much. I only kept the stuff I thought I would really appreciate in years to come, ya know those silly art projects and some of his first class work papers. I feel so much better

Now off to catch up since I was so good and barely got on here at all yesterday, and then hubs and I went out.