Saturday, February 9, 2008

The Girl Crush

Invited Mr. Ashley and I over for dessert tonight once the kids are in bed.

I like the idea because:
1. I want us to be better friends
2. I want our husbands to be friends
3. I like the idea of being able to get together at her house, so I don't have to clean mine
4. No kids
5. I would have fun once I got there

I don't like the idea because:
1. I would have to find something to wear
2. I would have to call her to tell her we are coming
3. I would have to get off of the couch/computer
4. I would have to think of all kinds of interesting things to talk about
5. I am a recluse

I know I should and I know I kind of want to, I just wish all preparation/thinking about it/hassles could be eliminated.


Anonymous said...

Ooooohhh! Go!

Anonymous said...

I obsess about these things, too, but you should definitely go. You'll have a great time & be glad you did (I mean seriously, NO KIDS).

AFRo said...

I'm glad you went... You're such a freak. It's so amusing to me. But, I will admit that I've been there and wanted to make new friends, but the effort to do so is sometimes overwhelming.

Anonymous said...

So I know you pay attention to grammar things....second time I saw this mistake in your blog lately. It should be "invited Mr. Ashley and me," not "Mr. Ashley and I."
And while this comment sounds trollish, I promise it isn't! I love your blog and read it pretty religiously.