Thursday, February 21, 2008


It took hours, but Mr. Ashley was able to fix my computer.

I guess I can begin speaking to little kid again tomorrow, but we're having a whole new set of rules.

And it will be REAL easy to let him cry it out when he starts screaming "MUUUUUM" tonight. If his fat leg is stuck in the crib or if his jammies are wet with pee...too bad. We'll learn the story of the boy who cried wolf one too many times.


Edited to add: My eyeball is still deflating but at a very, very slow, almost unnoticeable rate. I only notice because it hurts and Mr. Ashley only notices because I remind him every 45 seconds. I'll be worrying about that tomorrow though.


Anonymous said...

My ds's fat leg got stuck inbetween the slats once and I freaked out because I could not get it out. I had to call my dh to come home and pry the bars apart. Don't want the little booger's leg to fall off :)

NJmamma said...

Mr. Ashley must be a Mr. Fix It because your keyboard looked pretty trashed.I am very impressed. There is no way in hell that my DH could fix that. He gets big points for this.
Be sure to save the pictures of the computer to show LK in 15 years. You'll need the visual aids to explain why Mommy has a drinking problem.

Dainty Cakes Tampa said...

I think you need to save all the pics of LKs destruction (broken laptop, gouges in the head, chairs on the fridge, sharpie damage, ingested paint) from infant/toddlerhood until he graduates college, and then have them bound in a book.

When he has his first child, present it too him with a payback is coming note!


Anonymous said...

Me again baby Jesus - thank you for helping Mr. Ashley fix the computer. But please don't forget the exorcism thing and do you know anything about "deflating eyeballs"? Thanks - Amen.


Joy said...

Oh I am so glad Mr is a handy kinda guy, aren't they great to have around? I thank god all the time my hubs is a good handy man.

Oh yea on the whole crying wolf and the leg being stuck, I am a kinda mean mommy and let them cry it out, to an extent I will go in if they cry for more than a few min. Well little evil was crying one night and I just blew her off, a few hrs later when I went to bed I opened her door and there was her leg dangling out of her crib stuck in the bars hubs had to get out of bed to pull on the bars and I pulled her leg out. I felt bad cause it had been like that for a while. But good news no long term effects.