Wednesday, February 20, 2008

So Far

little kid has been asleep for 20 minutes and I have done the following:

-Wandered around family room.
-Went to kitchen and ate some gummy candies.
-Went to bathroom and put on bra (sort of like Fly Lady's "put on your shoes" theory)
-Went into Big Kid's room, panicked, left.
-Back to bathroom to brush teeth.
-Back to Big Kid's room to assess situation.
-Into office to complain to Mr. Ashley about said situation.
-Out to garage to collect some empty bins.
-Out to back deck to look around for a second.
-Here to update you.

So it isn't going well so far.


Anonymous said...

Good to know...

I have gone through all of my daily blog reads (some a couple of times), looked at the sink with dishes in it and decided today might not be the day, and haven't picked up my book.

Bad Mommy said...

C'mon Ashley you can do it!!
Put a little power to it!!
(Here is where you knock the cheerleader down with a baseball bat)

Liz said...

Come on people! We can do this!
I have already done 3 loads of laundry, updated my work voicemail, and am in the middle of drafting a press release. WOO HOO!

Oh and I've had 3 cups of coffee. Can you tell??

Anonymous said...

Don't you just hate people that say, "It's not that bad once you get started"? Well normally I do too but it really isn't. In ten minutes I did the sink thing, cleaned the powder room and dusted the family room. And now I am taking a much needed break!!

I have to admit that if you keep posting so much it may start to distract people from their lists (maybe that's the plan!!).

You can do it!!

Sasha said...

I haven't done very well. My goal for WIOW was to start eating better (been putting that off for quite some time). I just finished another handful of Skittles, so.... I guess I better re-set and start again.

Or come up with an idea I like better for WIOW.