Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Yael Naim

So, every time the new Macbook commercial comes on, my ears perk up at the song in it.

Being the researcher that I am, (have I done a post about the crazy shit I research? I know some really weird stuff...from the architecture of ancient cathedrals to trepanation) any time I hear of something interesting I hop online and learn all about it.

The chick who sings that song is named Yael Naim (I have no idea how to say it) and the song is called New Soul. She speaks four languages and is Israeli and maybe something else, I forget already. BUT, she does have a phenomenal voice and Apple has probably just launched the American portion of her career with that commercial because many people have taken notice.

So here is the song:

and here is Yael Naim covering "She who will not be named on this blog because we are not contributing to the madness that is her life"'s song Toxic:

I think she's got a gorgeous voice and that first song makes me want to sing along, so just thought I'd share and save you from wondering every time the commercial came on like I was.

Edited to add: She's a French born Israeli. I knew you all couldn't stand not knowing.


Joy said...

Oh I like that first song it does make you want to sing along

AFRo said...

I am so glad that you are a nerd who researches random sh-t. Because I HAVE been wondering who that girl is and I LOVE the New Soul song! Thanks for that.

The Toxic one sucks though... I like the other version because I could shake my ass to it whilst cleaning. This one kind of kills that. You know?

Lisa said...

That poor gold fish is never gonna make in that river!

Anonymous said...

Totally echo the above for providing some of the background info. Also LOVED the first one... might have something to do with the song now having infused my brain... thanks to mindless hours in front of tube.
Apple is on the ball, though... they launched Feist (f***in' Canadian, eh!) into the stratosphere.

Anonymous said...

Just tonight I was trying to figure out what that song was. BTW, I'm not sure about Naim, but Yael is pronounced yah-EL.

Your blog is the best one out there. One of my first stops when I'm on the computer. Keep it up!

Your faithful reader (and new commenter),

Donna. W said...

I guess I've never seen that commercial, but I loved the song and her voice, now that I've heard it. When I hear a singer I like, I research them like you did her. I'd never heard of Iris Dement until a couple of years ago; now I probably know more about her than her mother does.

ErIn said...

So, I saw that commerical last and wondered the EXACT same thing (who sung it, ect). Anyways, thanks for looking it up so now I don't have to! More time on the BHB for me!

Anonymous said...

I love the mac book song! Thanks for doing the work for me and finding out who she is!

Anonymous said...

I haven't seen the commercial, but I love that song! What a fresh voice. I'd like to hear more, but even Yael can't save Toxic. Oy

me! said...

I can't just be an anonymous 'reader' anymore, I have to comment on this one. I LOVE THAT SONG. As soon as the commercial came out, I googled it, saved the file, converted, and made it my ringtone... Yeah I'm weird... it's okay... Admitting it is the first step, or so they say, whoever 'they' is....

I'm a rambler... sorry!

Love your blog!

Anonymous said...

Her last name is pronounced "Nah-eem." It means "pleasant" in Hebrew.

Her parents emigrated to France from Tunisia.