Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Next Time

I should pick something a little easier than cleaning Big Kid's room.

Like solving the crisis in Darfur.

Holy cow, this task could roll right into Trash Terminating Thursday.


Yellow Fence said...

FYI - I emailed you a coke rewards number. Good luck with the clean up.

Me said...

I feel your pain! My sons room stays that way.

Double the trouble with a splash of a 10 year old said...

Maybe you should just take a nice long nap when LK lays down. Then maybe, your sweet Mr. Ashley (knowing how important it is to you to clean the room), will take the boys out for some ice cream and a trip to the park, so you can relax and clean the room. Just a thought... a happy thought :)

Anonymous said...

Ok, Ashley, since you have been a good motivator (even going as far as using guilt) I'll reciprocate. Just go in there, sit on the floor, and start pulling things into the middle of the floor. Sorting as you go. You KNOW that once you jump in everything will fall into place. It's that first jump that's the killer. JUMP, Ashley, JUMP!!! :o)