Friday, February 15, 2008

I'm Not Ready

little kid just opened the front door and threw Mr. Ashley's customer's blue prints out onto our front yard.

I think this is my signal that my coffee break is over...but I am tired and cold and I need double the coffee today.

(I'm working on my party post, have no fear)


sunny-daze said...

I just have to tell you I have become totally addicted to your blog. I am additive by nature but never did I think I would be addicted to something like this. But your experiences bring back so many memories for me. I have three boys (4 when you count my husband) they are now 8,7, and all most 6. Life was really crazy when they were younger. This morning story reminds me of the time I had to cross the street through the snow wrapped in a towel to retrieve my 18 month old son and the 160 pound dog. We started chaining the door closed after that one. Sorry I am rambling! Thanks, Ashley, and keep up the good work.

Anonymous said...

OH jeez Ashley. Its too early for the shit to hit the fan. My day is pretty crappy. I thought I was going to have a good Friday and get out the door early to stop by sonic on the way to work. NOPE. Instead I got pooped on by my son, left the garage door up, (had to turnaround and go by the house and put it down) aaaannnnnnnnd I forgot to wear deoderant.

I decided my co-workers would rather have me late with coffee than the alternative of a poopy, sweaty bitch.. so I sat in the drive thru line for 10 minutes. Whats even worse? The coffee tastes like crap.

Your right. I need a drink.

Anonymous said...

Oh no - was it Mr. Identity-Thief's blueprints? LOL!
Whatever happened with that, btw?