Thursday, February 21, 2008

Day One Update

Well, I had planned a big post last night, detailing my awesomeness. However, around 5pm-ish I felt achey/feverish and decided to lie down for some Dr. Phil.

I woke back up at 1am. So technically, I missed half of Work It Out Wednesday, but I guess I did work out a nap, so I will still consider it a success.

You know what I cannot consider a success? Operation: WE ARE NOT CO-SLEEPERS. Yep, around 3:30am I heard little kid in there screaming, "MAAAAMAAAA. AAAAAAHHHH. MUUUUUUUUUM. MUUUUUUUUM. MAAAAAA. AAAAAAAAHHH. WAAAAAAHHHHH. NOOOOOOO. MAAAAAAAAAAM."

I thought it might be a trick, so I stayed still and quiet at first but then I started to worry that he might have one of his fat little legs stuck in the crib bars, or he may be in pee saturated jammies or something, and he might really need my help.

I finally walked in his room to see him standing there, smiling behind his pacifier. I gave him a hug and stroked his hair for a moment and went to lie him back down. "NOOO MOOOOOOOOM. DOOOOON'T. NOOOO. NOOOOO. WAAAAH. MUUUUUUMMMMMUUUUH. NOOOOOO."

He was obviously totally awake and more prepared for battle than I was. I decided it "wouldn't really count" since it would only be a few hours (Him and I both know that this counted though, and that he won).

So we ended up in my room watching "Make Me a Supermodel". We have some opinions on the contestants of this show that we hope to share later. We also ended up arguing over whether or not it was cool to twist Mr. Ashley's ears and exactly what constitutes "lying down". I say you have to be fully touching the mattress, he thinks a slight incline/permanent crunch counts. There was also some discussion about searching around under the covers in order to jam your fingers into unsuspecting victims' belly buttons and whether this would qualify as molestation or typical snuggling.

So all in all, a really fun night! (not) I don't know how I'll ever catch up with all of the posting I want to do AND Trash Terminating Thursday.


Slacker Mama said...

Could it be that he's waking up because he's getting teeth? Maybe drug him up with some Tylenol or Motrin and see if that helps? My 17-month-old was waking up in the middle of the night, and I found that giving her Motrin or Tyelenol did the trick.

FULL DISCLOSURE: I blame most behavior and sleep issues on teeth from the time they are born until they have their full set. I also give pain meds to my kids at the drop of a hat if I feel like they are teething. So, my aforementioned 17-month-old? Gets Tylenol every night until those damn I-teeth finally break through.

Anonymous said...

Owned by a toddler. I love it!! ;) Little Kid's got mad skillz.

Hair Girl said...

It only takes 3 times in a row to make a habit, so you better nip it in the bud. I hate having a child in the bed! I always end up sandwiched between a kid, a dog and a husband (who likes to sleep in the center of the bed) I wake up feeling like a contortionist.

Anonymous said...

Oh Ashley, that is a slippery slope!! How do these kids get so manipulative?? I love LK's antics though, molesting poor Mr Ashley!!! LOL

Mitch said...

BTW, it was a full moon so I doubt there was a child anywhere that slept. At least, I know mine never sleep when there's a full moon. I always assumed others have the same problem (or they are werewolves, which could be true too).