Thursday, February 21, 2008

Mr. Ashley is Home

and he let little kid out for dinner and an early bed time and little kid has NO REMORSE. He's walking around perfectly pleased with himself, he doesn't care that everyone is mad at him, he thinks any mention of the computer or of him being a bad boy is very funny.

Right now we're all ignoring him and he's combating that by throwing things at me and snatching Big Kid's dinner off of his plate.

Obviously he can never be left unwatched for even one minute. This does not mean I won't be going to the bathroom by myself (which I consider a basic human right), this means he will be spending A LOT more time in his crib.

Most kids would be happy to pretend to type or to turn the computer off, but no, little kid manages to pry half the keys up, throw them around the family room and crush some of their plastic supports in a matter of minutes.

Mr. Ashley is trying to see what can be salvaged and is keeping the E-bull one away from me.

As far as my eye goes, something was in it and I was doing some warm water flushes and trying to remove whatever it was from my eye with my finger. At one point I got frustrated and rubbed it really hard and got that Jello-ish, heebie jeebie feeling that I got once before when I scratched my eyeball, and I think it looks misshapen but Mr. Ashley thinks it just looks red and irritated (he is not a doctor though).


clemsongirlandthecoach said...

Hey, my Pamprin says it's not a good choice for an enlarged prostate, but it doesn't say shit about a scratched cornea. That outta work. Take 2, they're small.

Oh, and you might want to get a crib tent. That chile' gonna be locked in there fuh-ever.

Jennifer said...

I hope he's feeding him bread and water.

Anonymous said...

my child has trashed 2 of my laptops! he is allowed nowhere by my laptop now!!!

I will pray for your poor laptop!

Anonymous said...

Are you sure it's not pink eye? Your description reminds me exactly of the last time I had it.

Maybe The Geek Squad can help your laptop (I think I have the same Dell as you)? Mine's there now, so I'll add yours to my prayer list. ;)

Anonymous said...

Stop touching your eyeballs your making mine water!!!
Once again all E-bull's problems (read: your problems) will be solved if you tie him up to your goat (that you want so badly). I'm just sayin'

Anonymous said...

I had to replace the keys on my laptop once (Dell)...I called them and bought a new pad with them...unscrewed the machine and switched them out...hopefully yours will require a "little" intervention as well.

Anonymous said...

Dear baby Jesus - please help Mr. Ashley fix Ashley's computer. And please help her find someone to perform an exorcism on little kid. Amen.


Joy said...

OMG I hate having something in my eye I am constantly picking at them which I am sure will lead to the same results as this someday.

I will be praying for Lk's safety he should be afraid very afraid!! oh and I pray you don't go blind either I would be so sad and my life would be so boring.

Lily Goodwin said...

I'm praying you will not go blind. Except if you're getting a disabled person's pension or something... You know a lil cash on the side can't hurt anyone!
You can even use them to send your kid to a salt mine in Siberia, for a while. Now that's a good time off idea!