Thursday, February 28, 2008

Dear Catfish,

I have no idea what the bai in k?thxbai means (I *will* be 30 this year)...I think it is text message speak for bye. I know, same number of letters, phonetically makes no sense...I don't claim to understand it. This generation wasn't taught phonics and that's why so many of them *are* how they *are*, iykwim (that's internet talk for "if you know what I mean"...that one took me forever to get.)

You've also been confused by *this*...and have expressed a concern of embarrassing yourself by using it inappropriately, like Joey in Friends with the "air quotes"...once again, not sure why people do that or how it began or even if it is secret code for something I don't understand, but I like it and think you can get away with *these* anytime you want to make a point but don't feel like it necessitates italics.

I give you permission to use *these* whenever you want, I trust your judgment (no e people, I know, it doesn't make sense, it just is what it is.)



Joy said...

I am not that cool either I guess since I don't know what half of them mean. I chat on a couple of sites and it has taken me a while to catch onto the lingo in all the posts.

Maybe someone can give us a course in all the text/post *language*

Anonymous said...


what a minute, huh?

Melodie said...

I had to explain the *kthxbai* thing to my husband the first time I used it on him.

Mom of 5 said...

"internet bastardization"

I like that phrase.

Sasha said...

LYLAS!!!!! That is so 7th grade... forgot about that one. I think I'll begin signing my blog posts with it. That'll be fab.

Ami said...

I just remembered LYLAS this morning after catching students passing a note folded the way we folded them in jr. high. Such fun! I had to explain IRL to my little sis yesterday, too. Funny because I'm the 'old' one.

Unknown said...

My aunt just told me that her kids recently told her to STFU. It means shut the fuck up. Nice huh?

Anonymous said...

God you make me *roflmo*

Unknown said... is

Anonymous said...

FU ;)

ro said...

I have no clue what any of that means. OMG is about as far as I get with the MACronyms (I think I just made that clever). I do have to say that Ashley's Closet is listed in my LYLAS section on my blog (shameless plug:

Ah...the good old days!

Anonymous said...

I don't even know what LYLAS means! Do I dare ask someone, or is it naughty?

Unknown said...

LYLAS = Love you like a sister! Total
8th grade terminology circa late 80s-early 90s, I'm thinking?

Joy said...

So I had to go look it up, I thought I knew what the kthxbai ment but wasn't sure. That sight is crazy way too many things that I have no clue about it makes my head hurt