Thursday, February 21, 2008

TTT: Update

Well, Laptop Destruction 2008 disrupted Trash Terminating Thursday in a major way.

Which is unfortunate because I was feeling majorly good about things and I don't want to blame little kid but there is no one else to blame. He took the wind right out of my sails.

But I am forgiving him, because that is what mothers do, even when they are still wondering what the hell that was all about and would like to see some proper remorse or guilt or SOMETHING. Whatever.

I did do a ton more to Big Kid's room, including re-arranging his furniture, hanging up 2 storage things, doing the top of his closet and assembling an Ikea box (major confidence builder right there, I was feeling very certain that power tools were within my very near future once I had accomplished that so easily).

I also did some general around the house stuff. So all in all, a success. Especially considering "the circumstances".

Tomorrow is Photography & Family Time Friday. Now, I was thinking that on Fridays I would teach you all something photography related (as well as doing my assignment) but maybe you should assign something else to yourselves too.

Like maybe For Me & Family Time Friday? You could make sure you read a magazine, paint your toe nails, take a bath, do a craft...something off of the "you" to do list.

Or Friendship & Family Time Friday? Catch up on your emails, friend calls, make a play date?

I don't know, we'll need to brainstorm on that one. But I think Fridays are going to rock. I'm pretty excited about Suds It Up Saturday too. Due to popular demand, I'm thinking it probably should include beer. Or wine (that ruins the 'suds' thing, but oh well.) Cleaning a bathroom is way more enjoyable if there is drinking involved.

Okay, tomorrow I'll deal with my client's shoot from Monday (haven't even looked at it...haven't quite recovered) and order the pics from the V-day play date to give to the moms. Bonus points for watching my Adobe Lightroom DVD.

Also, I'll take the boys outside and play Jenga with Big Kid. That won't be so bad. That's all very do-able. Barring any disasters.

But there will be no disasters because starting tomorrow, I'm in charge around here. I am. I really, really am.

Baby Bootcamp starts tomorrow.


Anonymous said...

I totally think you should give us some photography tips and maybe even a photography assignment. I would LOVE that!

AFRo said...

May I recommend "Tough Love Week." Anytime my boys get too out of control I institute it. I heard about it from a fellow blogger and the basic principle is that Mom says things 1 time and 1 time only and if they do not follow instructions, they are (insert punishment method here)immediately. Usually after about 3 days of this mine fall right in line. Good luck to you honey. I'm glad things are starting to look up.

Anonymous said...

I would love to read a photography lesson from you!

The Driftwood Collector said...

Totally psyched to learn more about photography from you. I bet your lessons will be much more entertaining and useful than those I got in seventh grade from the crochety old man who taught a photography class at my junior high...

Kaite said...

Very much looking forward to the photography lesson/tips!!

Mitch said...

I'm changing Friday to "Face Your Fears Friday." I screwed something up at work (I'm relatively new and didn't know I was supposed to do something and never did it and it should have been done a month and a half ago.) I just realized this and now I have to go tell my boss. I am royally scared.

Happy Friday!

(PS - sorry about the laptop. And the shitty day.)

Anonymous said...

At LEAST tell us what kind of camera you use.

Joy said...

WTF I just got that damn error message again so who knows if all that I just typed will come to you Damn it. So I will type it again.

I would love a lesson from you, and if LK has taken all your steam away maybe you could just give us some small tidbits on some good to do's and not to do's. I also would love to know where do you get your prints? I would like to find a good place that is not to pricey. I am by no means a professional but I scrapbook so I want good quality prints.

BTW I may carry over thursday's job to today and tackle my van it is SOO trashed and it seems like it may be a warm day.