Tuesday, February 19, 2008

New Life Plan: Rough Draft

So, you may have all noticed that there has been no talk of the New Life Plan since I realized that I would need to go to an office supply store for New Life Plan planning and organizing supplies. Turns out I totally forgot about the NewLife Plan and just remembered it again today, upon realizing that I am accomplishing little to nothing lately.

Unless I have a specific plan for the day, it seems to get away from me. One would think that a SAHM would have more than enough time, but one would be wrong about that. Me time takes up a lot of my time and us SAHM are all about our Me time.

So here is the informal outline for the New Life Plan. I think assigned days with catchy names will certainly be motivating. The idea is also to force you all to see/hear about what I accomplished that day and hopefully this will provide more accountability and motivation than when I shared my Master Cleanse experiment and realized it would be even funnier if I failed.

You're all enablers to my slothful lifestyle. The least you could do is help me get some things in order around here (since so many of you are incapable of commenting and all).

Here's the plan (until my office supply expedition, the whole plan will be reworked when I have supplies that will help me make the best plan ever):

Market Yourself & Meal Plan Monday--Brave, business related endeavors and meal planning.

Tidy up Tuesday--General clean up, including laundry.

Work it Out Wednesday--Solving big problems like organizational dilemmas and annoying shit like taxes and important phone calls.

Trash Terminating Thursday--More clean up with a focus on organizing and purging.

Photography & Family time Friday--Either giving myself photography assignments and/or studying photography related stuff and doing something with these people I live with.

Suds it up Saturday--Mr. Ashley was strangely excited by this one. Turns out he thought it related to beer. Yeah, drinking beer all day on Saturday is being written into the life plan. No, this one relates to deeper cleaning (not lots of it though, like one bathroom or something).

Serenity Now Sunday--A day of rest and nagging Mr. Ashley to accomplish things that will "enhance my sanctuary" (read: he WILL be putting up all of the pictures and cool things I've been nagging him to hang forever now).

It seems very do-able. Simple but beautiful. Baby steps. If I just accomplish ONE thing that goes with my "schedule" then I've succeeded. It's a win win situation. A situation that you will be hearing all about. Should be hearing all about, if not, then I'm probably not doing it and you should ask me about it. And at some point, surely you'll wonder "Why the hell am I reading this chick's to do list?" and you'll realize that it is because you love me.

(don't worry, they won't be long lists)


Multislacking Mama said...

Ashley, can I adopt this New Life Plan? I truly need one. I will even go to the office supply store (or at least raid the office supply closet at work). Can you post a list of needed items? Do I need a label maker?

Holding you accountable for my New Life Plan,

Anonymous said...

So does this New Life Plan start next week since you don't like to start things unless it's Monday?

Melodie said...

I decided to get more organized this year so I could get more accomplished, but it hasn't happened so much yet. Maybe I'll adopt your plan so I can feel like I'm getting at least a little accomplished.

Slacker Mama said...

Hmmm...if I had a choice between deep cleaning or beer for Suds it Up Saturday, I think I'd tend toward Mr. Ashley's version.

But then again, drink more wine was actually one of my New Year's resolutions.

Renee said...

I think you might really be onto something here. This seems so doable, unlike some other "organize your life" systems which shall remain nameless (cough *flylady* cough). Who can clean every single day? Seriously? When I follow those other systems to the letter, I really feel like my life's focus is my house. I want to be organized, I want my house clean and clutter-free, I want to take care of big things and not have them hanging over my head. But every single day? I think this could be the thing that brings you out of the Blogland shadows and into the mainstream. I see books....TV appearances (Oprah?).....calendars and binders and organizers with your logo on them. A website that helps us organize our weekly schedules and prioritize our tasks for each day, using the proprietary Ashley's Closet New Life Plan lingo and methodology (for a small monthly fee, of course). I'm seriously excited about this. I'm going to modify this a little to make it fit my needs. I'll be one of your testimonials when you launch this as a side business. ;)

-The Renee

Anonymous said...

I try to do this every once in a while, it never works out so well.
Good luck!!

I even bought a label maker, files, file boxes etc. They are sitting around here somewhere...empty.

Maybe you'll spark me into doing something.


Bad Mommy said...

Yeah, I tried that once, currently am not practicing it though. Leaves little time for blogging and blog stalking.

clemsongirlandthecoach said...

What day is the heavy drinking? I'll join that day. And seriously, anyone WITHOUT a label maker? Who knew that was even an option in life...

AFRo said...

I just want to say...


Oh and I'll help with Monday's marketing if needed... that's my forte.

sunny-daze said...

I only skimmed the New Life Plan, but it looks good. But I am going to keep "Suds it up Saturday" for beer drinking though. Sounds more fun.

Anonymous said...

Sounds simple enough that even I can do it. Maybe. I'll give it a shot.