Sunday, February 17, 2008

I Feel Bad...

...about not posting today.

I went to a birthday party--that sucked.

I had to yell at someone else's kid at said birthday party multiple times...that sucked.

Came home to discover my $500 camera lens is not where I thought it was...or anywhere else I think it would be--that sucked.

Tore the whole house up looking for it--that sucked.

Cleaned out the car looking for it--that sucked.

Deep cleaned my bedroom, most neglected room of the house as punishment--that sucked.

So today kind of sucked. You'd probably have been better off if I had just skipped the wine and gone to bed, but I wouldn't! ;-)

Remind me to tell you how to throw a good party and how to take good photos, these are two things I've been meaning to cover with you all but I'm too tired tonight.

Also, all of you people whining about the snow and cold and my ability to wear shorts...I think I speak for all Floridians when I admit that we feel superior to you. I mean, why would you put up with that cold wet shit? Icy roads? Blizzards?

Everyone's like "ohhh, it's so pretty" and it is...until all of you Northerners are acting like total nutballs come February because of your Seasonal Affective Disorder or whatever official term they've come up with for "being locked in the house for 4 straight months".

I'll see it on vacation. Until then, I'll continue going to first birthday parties and seeing women in daisy dukes, bikini tops and frosted eye shadow (not even kidding) in February.


AFRo said...

I AM so GLAD that you are a night blogger and I AM so glad that you finally posted. My goodness it's been a tough day without you. I guess I'll go to bed now.

Melodie said...

As a fellow Floridian, I second the superiority. Although, it could have been a little bit cooler yesterday afternoon when I was sweating my ass off watching my daughter's soccer game. But, I'd rather sweat a little than be freezing my tits off anyday!

amyblue said...

i've been to florida in september, when we up north have a delicious crispness to the air and leaves starting to turn colors, and i sweated my ass off.

i'll visit the heat and humidity for a week or so, but i'm happy with more temperate weather up north--until february, that is. :P

amyblue said...

i forgot to add the standard line--you can always put more clothes on in the cold, but after a while you run out of stuff to take off in the heat.

also, sorry your day sucked so bad. i was also at a birthday party yesterday and missed the drama. my coffee starved brain just detected a link in anastasia's name, so i will go and check it out.

Multislacking Mama said...

Floridians have every right to feel a little superior! I'll be there in March. I'll pretend I'm from there, K?

Sorry your day was sucky, Ashley. Today will be better.


Anonymous said...

Check the trash for the lens. My Peanut loves throwing stuff in the trash. Maybe it's there???

Anonymous said...

Asshat here, um I mean Anastasia. Just asking permission to copy that portion of your blog - it is fucking hilarious to me and I would love to have it along with the BBC threads saved from last night. Calling you out and asking in public, but I can also follow up with a formal email request if you wish. If you weren't so batshit crazy, I think I might actually like you. Now, I am just eerrily creeped out by you. Oh, and the tons of hatemail I received from your fans is a bit freakish too, but I am sure you are patting yourself on then back for having such faithful minions.

Unknown said...

I thought you didn't read my blog anymore? Just couldn't stay away could you?

Feel free to copy any and all comments from me about how dumb I think you are. I wrote them for you, you are welcome to save them for your collection. If you post them anywhere, link back to me, otherwise feel free to put them in your scrapbook, have a t-shirt made, whatever.

and hatemail? I am impressed!! We hashed all that out during the midnight hours...and by 10am you've gotten hatemail? I guess people either REALLY like me (lack of integrity and all) or REALLY dislike you.

I've been called worse than batshit crazy by cooler people than you. Like Scarlett herself, I shall go on.

I'm sure someone is leaving a shitty comment about something somewhere on a poster there isn't it your moral obligation to use your creative powers to stop any and all stupidity?

Or do you lack those powers and that's why it is my job all of a sudden...

Anonymous said...

Everyone's like "ohhh, it's so pretty" and it is...until all of you Northerners are acting like total nutballs come February because of your Seasonal Affective Disorder or whatever official term they've come up with for "being locked in the house for 4 straight months".


Maggie - if you are still reading get a life.

Kelly (The Jet Set)

Anonymous said...

I read all that too and have no idea why that chick mentioned your name at all (wanted attn maybe)? I LOL'd at the integrity argument. She will make you lose your $20 prize better watch out!She's a hater, waste your time making us laugh instead. We like your integrity-less self.

Anonymous said...

I love how all of your enemies would have loved you but..or used to like you but...or probably would normally like you but...

Don't lose sleep over it. People love to hate.

my2babygirls0405 said...

anastasia vs. ashley afforded me some quality drama reading during my kid's naptime. thanks :)

ashley, where in FL are you? I would feel like I was meeting a celeb. if I met you IRL :) I heart your blog. I am in NW Florida.

AFRo said...

GD!!! I've got to visit BC more often!!! I miss all the good stuff. Sounds like me and Dre have some work to do.

Joy said...

Well I am clueless about all the drama.

I am one of those who feel less superior to you in FL. I am in TN so we do get our days, it was 71 today but will be 35 and flurries tomorrow!! I will be enjoying my annual trip to FL in July we have been going to Cape San Blas every year for a few yrs. I just wish it lasted longer than 7days.

Lisa said...


".....Seasonal Affective Disorder or whatever official term they've come up with for "being locked in the house for 4 straight months"....."

Wow. I need to get off this computer and go and tell my husband that I JUST figured out why I've been so bitchy the past couple of weeks! Thank you!

It's true. So true.

Anonymous said...

Ashley, I have to say (because I'm one of the whiners) that I do love living up north until the end of January through the beginning of March. That is our sucky time. Today, though, it's beautiful. 50s and sunny. But on the 13th of February it was slushy and rainy and crappy. I can handle the it, even...but the slush? Uh uh.
Still, seeing LK looking so cute in his shorts and tee made me miss seeing my kiddo's chubby little legs in shorts!