Friday, February 1, 2008

little kid's Secret Stash

So I think I've mentioned before that every morning I open the sliding glass doors and our screen lanai door so that little kid can go play on the deck aka world's biggest play pen. This is an ideal arrangement for all of us and life has improved dramatically since he earned this freedom.

I'm out of Diet Dr. Pepper and I thought I remembered seeing him sneaking through the family room with a can, so I decided to go out there and see if I could find one and just double check that everything was still suicide proof.

I found the following items either on or just outside of the deck:
-1 wash cloth
-1 cheese grater
-1 boot
-1 head of antique croquet mallet
-3 paint brushes
-1 spoon
-1 of my flip flops
-1 piece of my food processor
-1 wire thing you use to lift turkeys out of roasting pans
-2 shovels
-various piles of leaves, roots, and assorted plant remains
-1 broken flower pot
-assorted playfood
-3 stuffed animals on various chairs
-1 photography book
-random piles of soil
-3 broken sand dollars
-1 camera lens box
-1 umbrella
-1 bucket shoved tightly on top of a potted plant
-1 dog food bowl full of dog poop

I'm not even sure if some of that stuff is ours.

And the dog food bowl full of dog poop? Call it a hunch, call it mother's intuition, call it whatever you want...but I'm guessing that dog didn't poop in that bowl.


Donna. W said...

You just described the contents of my refrigerator.

Unknown said...

LMAO Donna...sadly mine's probably pretty similar.

Anonymous said...

no diet dr pepper, though? i was expecting to see "....and 53 unopened cans of diet dr pepper."

am so glad my little kid has no access to poop so far.

Anonymous said...

Ashley, I was thinking about you tonight. I have an August '04 and August '06 kid. My '04 little boy is exactly like your LK. Sorry to tell you that they don't ever change. Thank God my '06 is a sweetheart! Anyways, we were at Jason's Deli eating tonight and the little shit reached behind him and sprayed a FIRE EXTINGUISHER ALL OVER THE RESTAURANT. Don't ask me why it was right in his reach and certainly don't ask me why it didn't have some kind of clip or safety device on it. I swear, he didn't remove anything to make it spray. This would have been bad enough, but it gets worse. Yes, he managed to spray the entire HUGE salad bar. They had to remove everything and replace it with new, uncontaminated food. *Sigh* It was horrible. And everybody was looking at us.
Best of luck to you and LK!

Oh, and I swear I was watching him. :)

Jamie P said...

Add me to the list expecting to find a ridiculous amount of cans of Diet Dr. Pepper, lol

Anonymous said...

EWWWWWWW! That's hilarious (because it's not his fingers in my mouth)! Has he been reading the BH for tips on stashing? ;)

Jennifer said...

Yuck, yuck, yuck. Picking up poop is just the worst. When my niece was about 6, she was at my parents and picked up a cat turd and announced, "Look, I found a cocoon!".

Anonymous said...

sweetmichelle, i know it's all about ashley, but i loved your story (again because it wasn't my child.) how embarassing.

Julie {Angry Julie Monday} said...

Good times!

Don't you just love boys!

MatersandMelons said...

They say that boys are worse than girls, but I spent yesterday morning in the ER with my 2-year-old daughter because she swallowed a small, metal duck. It is a little over an inch long and could take up to two weeks to come out. So I get to go through her poop for up to two weeks! You can see a picture of the X-ray on my blog!