Monday, February 18, 2008

Checking Stuff Off the List

I just ordered LK's birthday gift! Yay for me and yay for her!

Her birthday was in September, so I'm a little bit behind (even with my 3 month turn around time) but I did it and she'll love it.

It looks like there's a chance that Catfish will get her wedding gift before her first anniversary. I might actually make the three month deadline on that one...if you don't count the month of December, which I don't, because I can't accomplish anything other than Christmas in December and sometimes barely even that. So I'd say by April maybe, at the rate I'm going.

Doing pretty good. Checking stuff off the list.

There was some confusion on the last post. The one lady didn't star in both incidents, the clearance aisle thing is an issue I encounter often.

Also, there were some questions on what one would be getting frantic about in the V-day clearance section. I'm not sure what the hell was wrong with the behaviorally challenged, but my photography studio name is super cutesy and a lot of V-day themed stuff works for it. Today I picked up funky leggings and tights (so cute with tutus and petticoats), artificial flowers, gift bags, dish towels, plates, heart shaped molds, stationary, photo frames and even some stuff for a future Valentine play date since this one went so well and the stuff was so cheap. Mr. Ashley wasn't impressed, but what does he know? (answer: nothing)

But yeah, the shoot today was pretty nuts. And I know you all are picturing some cheap ass point and shoot camera that she whipped, she had a really nice camera. We're talking about an uber wealthy family here.

Every time she'd pick hers up, I'd set mine down and stare at her and the 3rd time she did it, I said that it didn't appear that I was going to be able to do anything with them that she couldn't, so we may as well call it a day. Not a good sign that my worst two shoots ever were with the same kids.

I still need to give you photography tips (and I'd like to talk about what you should and should not dress your kids in for portraits) and I've been meaning to upload the pics of Em's party for a while now. I dread doing the photo posts but it is way too cute not to share. I'm telling you all now to remind myself and for some accountability.

So look forward to that in the next 3 months or so.


Anonymous said...

I keep meaning to ask...what lenses do you have?

Joy said...

Oh I love your photo posts the kids are always so cute, and seeing BK with his Emmers is so sweet, young love is great.

Anonymous said...

hobby lobby has mardi gras stuff 80% off. do stores in other states sell mardi gras stuff? they had purple, green and gold acrylic paint for 20 cents a bottle, woohoo! anyway - all the masks, boas, and other cheesy stuff would make cute photo props in my tasteless opinion.