Friday, February 1, 2008


how a long time ago I was bitching because the batteries in my neighbor's smoke detector were dead and it was beeping every 3 minutes?


Now it's every 6 minutes or so, but nevertheless it is annoying the ever living crap out of me.

Isn't this against the law? Aren't they disturbing the peace or torturing people or something?

I know they came home the other night too, I heard their car pull up and I thought relief was in sight...but I guess it was not a priority for them since they left again without dealing with it.

Next time I see anyone over there, lawn guy, pool guy, whoever, I'm going to march right over there (read: send Mr. Ashley) and demand their phone number. Mr. Ashley will change the damn batteries for them at this point.

I can't live like this.

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Anonymous said...

Do they not live in the house? WTF is their problem. Fuckers. OMG this was so going to be a no anger day until I read your post (I've had smoke detector SITUATIONS).

Okay, this little note I wrote for you might be more effective than demanding the number:


Dear (Name of Jackasses Here, or if you don't know the name, just write Neighbors),

We hope everything is going well for you! We noticed your smoke alarm battery ran out and is making that crazy sound ours makes when our batteries run out. Would you like us to replace the batteries for you? We know you are so busy with x, y, and z, and (baby name here) gets a little alarmed every time the beep goes off.

I'm so sorry to bug you about this (not, you inconsiderate jerks (leave this part out)), but really, it would be no problem at all for Mr. Ashley to pop in after work one day and replace the batteries.

If there is an emergency, God forbid, I hope the alarm has fresh batteries.

Also, please give us your contact information in case we ever need to notify you of anything weird going on over there. I stay at home with the little ones and really value the neighbors who keep an eye out for our castle when we're away (stalkers (leave this part out, too)). You can reach us at (phone number) or at (email).

Let's get together some time!

Ashley and Mr. Ashley

P.S. You suck


Well, I better go study now. After all the other crap I am going to do first so I don't have to study, including posting at some more blogs.

Ta ta!