Friday, February 1, 2008

Hibernation Day

Today is Hibernation Day with The Jews. To conclude their chapter on hibernation, they have asked us to send our kids in pajamas and they'll fart around all day and watch a movie...

So basically another day off?

Because we wear pajamas, fart around all day and watch television all day around here just about every day. This is not what I'm paying the big bucks for.

Awfully sneaky of them.

They've also got 9 million days off in February. We all know I embrace the Jewish holidays like they're my own and I'm very understanding about it...but I think we can skip some teacher inservice days and maybe President's day to make up for all of the lost time.

I'm just sayin'.


Jennifer said...

Hey, as long as they are hibernating at the school instead of having BK hibernate at your house, all is well. After dealing with my sick children this week, I'd be happy to pay big bucks to have them lounge in jammies and watch movies elsewhere.

mommypie said...

Too funny - we had Hibernation Day at preschool Wednesday - pjs and all. Had no idea it was anything beyond "learning what bears do in the winter." It's a real thing (the day, that is)?? Learned something new this morning ...

Elizabeth said...

Here they just get off for Mardi fucking Gras. Heaven for-freakin-BID they have to work on Mardi gras. Oh and Ash Wednesday. They get it off. I am so not kidding.

The teachers here are a JOKE.

Nothing beats when I lived up north and they had the first friggin day of buck season off. Buck as in deer. Oh yeah, days off for hunting.

I was seriously about to hurl when I heard that one.

It's a mystery why our kids come out of school and know only a slight amt more than when they came in 18 years earlier.

Maggie said...

Pjs or not, they're still keeping your kid for a few hours. That's time he's not in your hair!